RDC - Revenent Defence Corporation / Syndicate PVP

Revenent Defence Corporation
Syndicate PVP

RDC is a member of the 404 Alliance Not Found alliance, and has been based in Syndicate for the past eight years. Our corporation is a small tight-knit pvp-focused group with an experienced core membership and we’re looking to open our doors to like-minded individuals.


  • Casual but active EU/US TZ Players
  • Mature & Respectful attitude toward peers
  • Ability to be self-sufficient
  • Discord & Microphone


  • Small-Gang PvP
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Casual laid-back atmosphere
  • No Minimum Skillpoint Requirement


  1. John Revenent / US TZ
  2. Elassus Herron / EU TZ
  3. Khromace / US TZ

I approve of this message.


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Looking for a new home with a laid-back casual atmosphere? RDC might be the place for you.

Some other things worth noting / Noch ein paar Sachen sind zu merken:

  1. RDC actively supports efforts to increase the participation in EVE of female gamers and other underrepresented groups. If you’re looking for a welcoming, supportive environment to start/extend your EVE journey, we’ll have your back.

  2. Wir haben auch Deutschsprecher dabei, und nehmen auch regelmäßigen deutschsprachigen Roams teil! Discord ist dafür erforderlich, aber andere Flotten (wenn es ums Englische geht, kann ich auch übersetzen) benutzen auch TeamSpeak. Ich strebe selbst aktiv an, unsere Piloten-Quote in der EUTZ zu erhöhen!

  3. We also have pilots with years of experience in EVE in a range of activities, who are eager to help newer pilots. If you want to gain experience, have questions about what to train or what to fly or how to fit it, we’re here to help.

Still looking for a home? Drop us a line!

Making Syndicate Great Again!

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