Re-name all the things (well, some of them)

Signature resolution, scan resolution, sensor strength and probe strength are all far too similar and (if help channel is a guide) very confusing to new players.

I’d like to suggest re-naming a couple of them to be more descriptive of their actual use in-game. Hopefull this would then eliminate the confusion.

“Scan resolution” should be “Targeting strength (or Targeting speed)”

“Sensor Strength” should be “Electronic defence strength” (as it counters ECM and combat scan probing)

in your effort to make something simple more simple you managed to make several parts of it more confusing

scan res the resolution of your scanning equipment better resolution less time it takes to get all the information needed to lock

targeting strength sounds like how strong my lock should be (defending against ecm)

targeting speed sounds like how fast i should lock so if my targeting speed is 75 it should take 75 seconds

sensor strength how strong my sensors are pretty easy to figure out

EDS sounds like it should be defending against all forms of E-war not just ECM

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Id say maybe targeting speed and signature size.

But probe str and sensor str are intuitive and good.

targeting speed has the same problems i listed above

signature size has the problem of being confused with “size” two very different attributes

Missile Bombardment - how does that relate to flight time?!
Missile Projection - huh?

Now I’m confused…

Whether the developers made the best choice when choosing labels isn’t really relevant. After 15 years there are a lot of documents that refer to the existing labels. Forum posts, devblogs, wikis, player blogs, youtube videos, etc… in several languages. Unless you intend to go back and correct all this work to reflect the changes, you’ll create a lot more confusion than you eliminate!


Fully agree with sentiment of the thread; changes now would only serve to invalidate 15 years worth of written guides, and the suggested names are in no way clearer than the current ones (which aren’t unclear anyways).

Scan resolution makes perfect sense. Good example of it would be satellite imagery. 10cm resolution vs 100cm resolution. If you’re looking for something large like a park, it’s easy to find. You just look for the big green blob. But if you’re looking for a hotdog stand in said park, 100cm resolution makes that a very difficult task… where 10cm it’s totally doable.

Once you identify the location, you send down the rod from god and end up with some specially cooked hotdogs.

It is literally the “sharpness” of the “picture”, which directly impacts how quickly you can differentiate something from something else.

Sensor strength is also an adeptly named term. It is the strength of your sensor signal. Strong pulse out yields a strong echo back (barring interference). Weak pulse out yields a weak echo back. ECM works by sending an interfering/conflicting signal to confuse the hardware which listens for the echo (imagine you’re in a cave talking to your echo, and someone’s playing this:

It’d be damn hard to hear yourself over that crap.

Guides get made obsolete all the time, so that particular argument doesn’t hold up.

Halada’s Mining Guide is out of date now.
ECM guides, all out of date.
Pretty much any guide written before Tiercide are now obsolete.
Most fitting guides are out of date as ships change all the time.

EVE has a lot of poorly worded, non-intuitive things that are complex either just for the sake of it or because of bad wording that has never been fixed.

Re-naming a couple of ship stats to avoid confusion is not game changing but a quality of life improvement.

i’m not sure you understand the scale and what is meant when we say obsolete.

none of your examples are anyplace near as unusable or as large as what just the changes in the op would entail


Ya… just because some mechanics were simplified or the fact that ships get balanced is not an excuse to change something that’s already clear just because some people can’t be bothered to find a guide (or a dictionary for that matter) when they aren’t immediately clear what a term means.

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