Recently returned and looking for ACTIVE WM / PVP Corp

Hey folks, recently returned and looking for a Corp that lives in wormhole and enjoys PVP. But most of all… an ACTIVE Corp .

I’m not looking to be invited on every site or every gas huff fleet, BUT I would at LEAST like to be able to hang out on commas And shoot the bull When nothing is going on!!!

Just under 30 mil SP.

Love to PVP

Just looking for a home and some friends.

Sent an in game invite to chat

Check us out, plenty of content.

Protean Concept is a micro corp looking for more active pilots. We are focused on disruptive game play and iterative skill development. With a wormhole base we actively roam low, null, jspace and actively punch up while doing so. Are engaging in AT level play and theory through competitive eve tournaments( check out for VODs !)

We are here to embody the best parts of volta, skill urself and snuffed gameplay loops.

EVE content is here for us to harvest.

Feel free to hop in and chat, AD4PT Public or

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