Recruiter looking for a null/wh corp. Europe TZ. Prepare for noobs

(Sneaky Mabebu) #1

Im one year old pilot back in game. Im able to fly caldari t2t3 cruisers and some other ships. Station trader.

Hello, i want to recruit people for some corp. I’ll be your best asset, if you are nice community with some goals for new players. Assholes throwing people on enemy recklessly are fine too.

Mail me, if you find me pretty.

(Sneaky Mabebu) #2


(Sneaky Mabebu) #3


(Kypischovic Malifozik) #4


Are you interested in only recruiting, or will you also join a corporation to fly with them ?

(Sneaky Mabebu) #5


Thats quite an interesting question actually. I want to join a corp/alliance. But if you have something more complicated in mind, mail me.

At the moment, im still in search, cause i need quite a determinated bunch of people. Which will be fine with new players, which live somewhere with things newbs can do, etc.