Recruiting New members for PVP

Recruiting PVP players. I prefer Caldari missiles boats but will consider all players.
Looking for FC as well as players seek fewer responsibilities.

Low Requirements:
Omega account - Non Negotiable
Can fly Caracal, Ferox, Osprey (logi), Sabre, Interceptors
May consider Praxis PVP fit :stuck_out_tongue:
Will be able to fly a Falcon or an alternative
Mumble, TS3, Discord

Your job: If it’s not blue, it does not leave the area alive!

  1. Shoot people and blow ■■■■ up.
  2. Set up traps, and shoot people and blow their ■■■■ up
  3. Goes into enemy territory and have fun at their expense
  4. Organize and recruit other members for PVP

I am in the PST time zone. Building a 24/7 shoot’em up operation.

Email / Send a message to LacLongQuan with your interests.

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