🐉 **Recruitment Temp Closed**[INDY][PVP] Dragon. [.REST] is recruiting new members! [Pandemic Horde]

Recruitment Temp Closed
Dragon. [.REST] is recruiting new members!

We are now recruiting all players to come join our family. We are an Indy focused corp with a fast growing PVP community that believes real life comes first and having fun when logged in. We are proud members of Pandemic Horde and offer regular roams and isk making opportunities in our home in Cobalt Edge.

We offer:

  • Ore/Moon/Ice Buyback with Several R64/R32 moons and Ice Belts
  • SRP for defense fleets
  • Best ISK making opportunities in Cobalt Edge (High ADMs, 10% Corp Tax, Dedicated Ratting Systems)
  • Industrial Manufacturers to provide fitted ships (Cap & Sub-Cap)
  • Dedicated Corp Logistics service
  • PVP opportunities for individuals interested in small gang/nano roams (our corporation has a number of small gang/nano enthusiasts looking for like minded individuals or those wanting to learn more)

Dragon. is looking for:

  • 15 Mil SP Minimum
  • Active pilots in USTZ/EUTZ/AUTZ
  • Team players (We will not tolerate toxic behavior)
  • Pilots with the ability to be on comms and interact with our community

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98575255/

If you’d like to know more join our discord and ask for one of our recruiters @House of Dragon

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