Red LLLP - Great Mates Even Greater Dreams

  • We accept Newbros.
  • We seek to get into Capital Production.
  • We have Capital Pilots.
  • We have a pocket of Null-sec space controlled by our Alliance.
  • We have access to a Sotiyo rigged for capital production.
  • We have an easy to access Low-sec Keepstar.
  • Part of The Sixth Empire Alliance.
    Our Road-map:
  1. Acquire research Raitaru and t2 rig it.
  2. Acquire all bpos required for producing capital components.
  3. Research said bpos to 10/20.
  4. Start producing capital components to further acquire capital.
  5. Use capital to acquire first capital bpo.
  6. Research capital bpo to 10/20.
  7. Produce first capital ship.
  8. Sell capital ship.
  9. Acquire remaining bpos for capital ships.
  10. Anchor Sotiyo put t2 rigs in it and call it “Red LLLP Capital Construction Yard”
  11. Acquire Astrahus call it “Red LLLP Official Subcapital Docking”
  12. Acquire Fortizar call it “Red LLLP Official Capital Docking”
  13. Acquire Keepstar call it “Red LLLP Official Super Capital Docking”
  14. Put Tataras in every moon in home system.

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