Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

Stuck at work
Should be on later tonight.
But I know there are lots of pilots on now
Join us in chat: RPR Public


Mining a bunch of Gneiss ore this evening
Looking after RPR public
Come join us in chat: RPR Public

Hello! I think I missed the email! My character in game is Xo Bsod, would you mind sending me a new message so we can discuss further?

Do you have a discord we can chat on?

Hey all! New to EVE (though I dumped some money into skills without thinking very critically about it), and guild life in general. I know you guys have a Public channel that I’ll try to hit up tonight.

I was thinking my time in Eve was going to be mostly be spent solo, but my brief stint as a miner taught me that friends are a good thing to have :). I’m mostly interested in PVE, as mining was really just a means to support my PVE ambitions, and decided that this adventure would be better with friends.

I’ll hit you guys up tonight and figure out the details. Sounds like something I’d be really interested in!

6/18 - Hi Gabriel, I beleive we have chatted and you are now part of RPR! Welcome!

Bsod Xo, I sent you an email a few days back but will reach out in game again when the servers are up.

<3 Fica

Normally 10-25 players on during both EU & US Time zones! - Join our chat - RPR PUBLIC for more info

Come join a easy going corp. RL first eve second.

Sorry missed you all yesterday
But that doesn’t mean you can’t join today
Find us in chat: RPR public

6/20 - With T1 Frigate Abyssals on farm mode, I wanted to see if cruiser abyssals are also viable. So I bought a Gila and fit it for T3 abyssals.

After 10 T3s, the build is decent but on some missions the tank is really close. What is interesting the payouts are about the same as T1 Frigate Abyssals. So I will run a bit more T3s to see what the real average payout is.

<3 Fica

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6/21 - June will be the “Month of New Ships”!. So far 2 Worms and a Gila, and my next project will be a brand new Orca! Deadline is 6/30! Off to the races! :cowboy_hat_face:

<3 Fica

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I just picked up an Endurance for ice mining
Still needs a lot of work fitting it out.
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6/22 - We had a Moon Mining Event Today! Blew up a moon and scooped up the goo!

mining ships2

moon load

My Orca is still in the oven, so 6 days til I get it. :slight_smile: So I was in my Procurer.

<3 Fica

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It’s a rainy Monday in real life.
The stars are out in eve
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6/22 - As I am getting ready for my Orca, I got an ore hauler. Say hello to the new addition to my fleet, a shiny Miasmos!

<3 Fica

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Time to start building stockpiles
No mater what part of eve you are into I’m sure you can find a place with us.
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6/23 - We had an alliance station defense today. Decent turnout, but enemy didn’t show up so there was no fight. Mission Success station was repped and repainted. :slight_smile:

<3 Fica

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6/24 - My Orca is 2 days away from being built. So I’ve been grinding Abyssals non stop. I now have enough to buy it! :money_mouth_face:

<3 Fica

P.S. Say hello to us in RPR Public chat and learn more about life in RPR.

Early morning start
But that doesn’t matter what ever Time Zone you are in we have a bunch of pilots online
Have a chat with the in: RPR Public