Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

spending a lazy morning feeding the Orca in the winter event site.
coffee mining and brunch some days everything comes together

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450 points in the winter Nexus event gets you a new skin for your Vedmak

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Looking for like minded members to join. Drop by our public channel RPR Public.

it took a team effort and a couple Pilots trading ships but we managed to scan down Commander Tom
after we got it scanned down a lot of the corp managed to make it out

Chat : RPR Public

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Hey i was just wondering where you guys were located (ingame), you seem like an amazing corp and id be interested in joining

Hey Ista,

We’re in the Brapelille area a few jumps from Dodixie.

You should join us on the RPR Public channel if you have more questions.

We are still looking for members that want to have a relax and fun way to play eve without the grind and drama. All trades are welcomed to join.

running some test and orbiting friends
find out more
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No Skill point requirements. Looking for all walks of life in eve. If interested join us in RPR Public channel.

Doctor Who Event
any new pilots here for the Doctor Who event dont be shy jump into our Chat and join us in your adventures
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Just a quick trip through the abyss
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just spent a few hours hacking sites for the event.
five sites in total and not enough items to build a filament
thing the sites might be a little stingy
for more info
Chat: RPR Punlic

Ok i just found this app for the PC
this is going to suck a lot of time up going through things
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when you want to make a fast run to the local shaping market
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having a little fun in a five pilot kitchen sink fleet shooting NPCs
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Damnation for Armor Boosts

just going over all the new info from CCP
looks like things are going to get interesting
for more info join up
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three fleets working together to clean up the moon

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new incursion not far from our HQ.
will have to see what we can do to get involved
for info on joining RPR
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A Little bit of ice mining with friends goes a long way
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