Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

Are you still recruiting?

We did a marathon run of L4 Missions on Saturday! Fleeted up and pew-pewed till life came calling and it had to come to an end. A 4 hour run for me! Did it all without any caffeine too! chuckle

Left a bunch of wrecks that then got hoovered up by one of our industrialist…

Good times! Come check us out in in our public chat and join in on the fun: RPR Public

See you around! o7

just finished hand building this little ship in my basement. as soon as i figure out how to get it out of the basement it will go into service for L4 cruiser mission parties

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stations in space
Chat : RPR Public

the moons of Boillair
if you havent mined moons join us
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if i didnt know better i would have thought someone had already started to mine this rock
stop in on our Chat
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first L4 Research Agent has been started
now i just need to set up a few more. find out more about Research agents

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We’re a laid back group of players. We are looking for like minded members where real life comes first. New, old, returning players; come by and chat with us and see if we’re a fit for you. No drama, just fun.

See you in chat: RPR Public

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100 million skill points baby! Now, if only I could stop losing drones like a noob. I should get a group together to go around collecting my drones when I leave them, and salvage and stuff and make more isk and stuff.

Well usually i wouldnt complain.
the ESS thing was looking kinda interesting tonight. only to find out CCP turned it back off before i ever had a change to try it

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New Toys are ready to fly

should make L4s a little easier
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“Real life comes first.”

It’s not just a catchy phrase but how we do things in Red Phoenix Rising.

Whether you’re old, new, or returning we understand that you have things going on outside of the game and won’t “order” anyone to do anything. But if you’d like some good folks to hang out with when you do come to play, we’d love to have you join us.

Chat with us in our public chat, RPR Public, and see for youself!

Been running alot of L4 missions lately. I just asked in chat, “Who wants to run some L4’s?” Before I knew it, we had had a fleet up and running, turning rats into expanding balls of plasma. 3 hours later and we had nearly 2 dozen bookmarks saved for the salvaging that was happening behind us.

Today someone had 4 escalations in low sec. So we formed a fleet, charged out and did 2 of them. Would have done the other two but the escalation owner had to sleep. (chuckle)

It’s part of what’s best with corp-living for me! Eve is fun, but without other folks around it gets a little stale…

Join us in RPR Public chat and share you stories! Or just ask us about RPR if you’re curious. If we don’t immediately answer, it might be because we’ve fleeted up to take care of something… :slight_smile:

You never know what you will find in space. A great tragedy perhaps?
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need more of these. i am running low. looks like i might need to do a shopping trip
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when you want to move everything at once
its always good to have friends with trucks

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Piggy-backing on that sentiment… I joined RPR for the camaraderie. I got tired of flying alone, playing this game solo. I’m glad I did. This corp has some good people in it and no drama. I look forward to logging on and joining in. I learned a lot too. Asking questions has saved me a bunch of frustration! … and a few hulls. (chuckle)

Believe me, when RPR says, “We’re Real Life First.”, they are. No orders, no threats of being kicked out! Just play when you can.

Check out our public chat and see for yourself: RPR Public

It doesn’t cost anything… :slight_smile:

In space the only place to hide. is close enough to feel the heat from their thrusters

Having fun with fleets while waiting for the ok to warp

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some how this is the smallest Trig ship and the second last one i need for the collection
fill out your collection
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The Corp has been growing and continues to work together. Not many out there really work together like we do. Makes it worth logging every day. Learn something all the time in all the conversations had. Keep u the growth and work guys! It is truly impressive!