Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

working on building some fancy new ships for Abyssal fleets.
see what a group of experienced Abyssal hunters can do working as a team diving into the Abyss
if you want to know more
Chat: RPR Public

Yes, what you’ve heard is true! We are Real Life first - no mandatory ops!
Casual, friendly, and supportive: Red Phoenix Rising. Newbies, veterans, and returning players welcome.
We do pretty much everything but have wars.

Stop by our public in-game chat to get your questions answered: RPR Public

Starting to get things organized for the up coming Amar days event.
If anyone has info on daily events or ship requirements
That we be awesome
Find us on chat to compare info
Chat: RPR Public

While the corporation was not for me…I’m too finicky I have been told.

This corporation would be good for 90% of the players out there.

I fall into the 10% category

Ca Joecool , Invisable BIOS , RockThumper

Do you like mining drones? We sure do!

Chat: RPR Public

a fresh coat of paint before heading out to run a few missions with corp members
dont have the standings to run L4 missions
we have a plan for that

Chat : RPR Public

Come join us for Mining, Missions, Abyssals, PvP, Wormhole diving and all around fun.

New players, bitter vets, and anyone in between are all welcome in our laid-back and friendly hi-sec corp. We’re here to help or to just hang out with. Real Life comes first here. Join us when you can and participate when you can. You’ll never hear us give orders or lay out ultimatums. Chat with us in our in-game public channel:

RPR Public

how do i join?

Stop by chat channel “RPR Public” and say hi!

16M SP player looking for a corp. Looking to learn PVP and in USTZ.

Speeding through Space

Join us in Chat to apply
Chat : RPR Public

Eve is fun on your own for a while. I did that for my first few months… but eventually you want to play with others, form fleets, go on group roams, or get mining boosts from your orca-flying buddies. I found that with RPR. And the game has never been the same since.

Friendly, helpful, patient corp; drop by our public chat channel to see for yourself: RPR Public

great work from our corp
we just finished building 10 of these bad boys.
most will probably go to corp but the next 15 will probably hit the market
for more info
Join us
Chat:RPR Public

hard to see but we were salvaging Trig ships and Edencom ship while they were fighting around us

check us out on chat
Chat: RPR Public

Looting More Trigs
and using the leftovers to build Trig ship

for more info
check out Chat:RPR Public

looking into getting a couple Pilots into one of HateLess fleets
we usually have a lot of trigs around our HQ

check out RPR in Chat
Chat: RPR Public

Real life comes first.
Never get war-decced.
No mandatory operations.
High-sec location near trade hub.
Friendly, helpful corpmates.

Public chat channel: RPR Public

may not be the fastest way to make Deep Safes but it works
who says the grind isn’t real in eve

join up with RPR
chat: RPR Public

Ice mining op for the corp tonight
we did a pretty good job of clearing out to Ice fields
good haul for a couple hours

Chat: RPR Public

Want to learn more about Red Phoenix Rising? Join us in our public chat channel and ask away:
RPR Public

Whether you are a new player, veteran, someone returning after a long absence or just ready to make a switch, stop on by. Real life comes first here, with an emphasis on always having fun, and helping the noobs figure stuff out. We’re based in hisec, but low/null/wh is available for roaming solo or with a few buddies. Come join in on the fun!