Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

And mission running for the forseable future. (Unless the Earth gets invaded by actual extraterrestrials.) Fleet up with someone who can run L4’s and enjoy the perks of climbing faster in standing. Oh, and the loot and bounties.

Even if Abyssals or missions are not your thing, come check us out: mining, exploration, indy… we do a little of everything. Old players, returning players, or brand spanking new players; all are welcome!

We are a laid-back, friendly group, with a supportive environment if you need help or just want to hang out. Real life comes first. Check us out in our public chat channel in the game:

RPR Public

Stop by and just say hi!

floating around in Exotic Abyssal sites feeling a little Green
its hard being Green

Chat: RPR Public

Nothing beats a nice passive income.

Chat: RPR Public

Want to learn more about Red Phoenix Rising? (Indy, exploration, missions, Abyssals, for starters…) Join us in our public chat channel:
RPR Public
and ask all the questions you can think of!

New players, veterans, those returning after a long absence or just ready to make a switch, stop on by. The emphasis is on having fun. Real life comes first! And we have a good group for helping the noobs figure stuff out. Based in hi-sec, but low/null/wh is available for roaming solo or with a few buddies.

See you around!

Going to start running Abyssals, both for a change of pace and to try and develop another income stream. I’ll definitely achieve one of those, we’ll see how well the other goes… Baby steps for now; T1’s and then I’ll creep into T2’s, eventually T3’s.

Come join us in our public chat channel and tell us what you are doing:
RPR Public

Hang out and ask questions.

sitting here reading different CSM 16 candidates
if you don’t vote you cant complain
get out and vote y’all

check us out on Chat
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