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Spent the last couple days since the Indy announcement buy faction ships
Hope I got in soon enough
This change is going to turn things upside down for a while
Buy safe

[22:33:22] Idris Bechtor > Phew! (heart is slightly pounding) … and crap! I was flying around Archee in my Heron, salvaging, when a stiletto warped in and tried to kill me. I was too busy trying to survive to mouse over and see what what effect he had on me. I do know that I couldn’t warp off but could still run my MWD and keep the distance at 25 km the whole time. Luckily it was in one of those bizarre ore fields (like what surrounds the Trig WH’s in high sec) so I kept flying in and through the splinters. He eventually got hung up on a jagged shard and I managed to warp off. (I think I know who killed that other player whose wreck I looted earlier.) I left 3 salvage drones behind and over a dozen Navy wrecks. That’s the “crap” part. I still came out ahead in isk and a little richer for the experience.

Makes me yearn for yesterday when I was flying around in a squadron of destroyers knocking over Gurista Combat sites. We’d warp in and enter the first room. Waves of Gurista frigates and destroyers would come at us. The odds were slightly worse than 1:1 in the Gurista’s favor. We’d swat them aside with little more than bloody noses on our part. Finally the triggering wave would come and the acceleration gate to the second room would become active. Our designated pilot would race for it and enter, ready to take on the boss inside. Not as much isk per hour, certainly, but a lot more fun with fleet chat; jokes and observations that would suddenly be punctuated by single-worded commands. Nearly 10 sites under our belt by the end of the evening, with 60 million in pay-out per participant! It would have been more like work (and nearly impossible) if I were by myself.

Proud to wear the purple once again! o7

Disappointed i missed out on the fleet fun.
If you don’t want to miss a bunch of good time
Jump in chat
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just took this Typhoon out of the printer. going to try and make a couple more before the big industrial update
Chat:RPR Public

Did anyone see the keys to my Titan? I can’t find them!

(chuckle) I only wish I had one. What I do have is a pretty good run of late. A few hundred mil in salvage and the impressive spectacle of Autothysian Lancers going toe-to-toe with Trigs and getting bloodied and then beaten. They gave better than they got: 4 Lancers in exchange for 20 Trigs. And I was happy to be in the middle of it scooping up whatever I could get!

Join us in Chat:RPR Public and share some stories. See you there…

Inflated mineral prices have made moons in high sec worth mining again. RPR and its alliance have moons available every weekend. Come join us to cash in and start building up the new materials needed for manufacturing coming in the soon to be releases industry update.

I’ve been mining a good deal. …and exploring… and building. Even managed to die this week. And generally spending a fair amount of time chatting as well.

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