Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

I’ve been with RPR as a new pilot for about a month and a half and have learned so much from this corp. There is almost always someone to join up with whether its mining, combat sites, missions, abyssals, or anything else you want to do. And just a fun bunch to chat with.

I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been in RPR. Time flies when you’re having fun. (Which is good because my skill que has 269 days worth of training in it at the moment.) It’s a good thing to have a corporation that is laid back, making you feel welcome when you log on; instead of treating you like a cog in machine. Trust me, this corp takes real life seriously, but if you want to take a break from things come join us and see what the (lack of) fuss is all about.

Good night of mining
Can’t remember last time I did that
Had dinner and a beer all while adding some ore to my stocks
Catch us on chat
Chat: RPR Public

We are looking for people in all professions to join. Real life first eve second. if interested join our public channel RPR PUBLIC.

Big shout out to Reuben Drayson
He created chaos in our chat by winning one of the skins from aceface youtube give away.
Congratulations again
Come out and join us
Chat: RPR Public

Spending the night digging through skills.
I have a few unallocated so need to work on cup/power grid
Our chat is always open
Chat: RPR Public

Spent the day in a mining fleet with some new pilots, had a great time. Great group to hang with and learn from.

My biggest regret in this game was going it alone for so long. I wish I had found RPR way back when and made the plunge. Sure, you can make a mistake in what corp to join, but I haven’t had any regrets so far with this corp. I learned a lot, got helped a lot, and appreciate feeling welcomed every time I log on. Join us in chat (RPR Public) and find out what we’re all about. See you soon…

Hoping to run a few missions tonight
Need to get my standings up
Find out how it goes :frowning:
Chat: RPR Public

Maybe it’s the lingering mental fog from my recent jump clone transfer, but I decide to make the run to Jita with a cargo hold full of PI. I shake my head to clear my thoughts as I check the plot one more time: 17 gate transits! Check Before You Jump says it’s fairly safe, Concord’s had it easy tonight. My lips press into a thin line as I consider how little assurance that could be. One ship, the wrong ship, is all you need to wind up dead. I settle into the pilot’s seat, crack my knuckles and then reach for the controls. I hear the rising hum as the jump engines spin up. The lights are all green across the board. I engage the jump drive. The ship may be an Epithal, ungainly, some would say ugly, but she’s been built for speed and bolts into the night like a sniper’s bullet. My mission… my fate, rests in her capabilities now.

… and a really unreliable Eve connection that is laggy as hell and subject to DC’s! Ugh!

Well, one thing that I can rely on is having a sympathetic ear in corp while I play. Hokey, yeah, but come chat with us in RPR Public and find out for yourselves.

Think it’s time to start looking into Logi
Going to give it a try with Abyssal frigate fleet
What could go wrong
If you have ideas love to hear them
Chat: RPR Public

Need to hit up my research agents for more Datacore
Catch up with you all in chat
Chat: RPR Public

Yesterday a Triglavian WH opened up in Adrallezeon. The problem for the Trigs is that Adrallezeon is an Endecom Fortress system. They patrol it in force, emplacing Gunstar weapon platforms at stations and in the asteroid fields. The Trigs came flooding in like angry bees. Endecom was waiting…

I was waiting too.

I was in an Algos purposed for when I go poking into Trig WH’s to see what’s going down on the other side. Fitted with salvagers and salvage drones, and even a cloak, I sat in the dead of space anticipating the inevitable. On Dscan I could see Trig wrecks were popping up like weeds in the system. I’d warp around, a station here, a jump gate there; 10, 15 wrecks at a time at each location. My hold had loot and salvage piling up in it. I offloaded twice. 140 million safely cached. Then came the Big Score!

I warped into an asteroid field. The night had slowed down. I was just following the Trigs around hoping for anything. Three Gunstars were on grid. As was an Endecom fleet. They openned up on each other. Trigs began dying. Endecom too. What had been ships were turning into fireballs. Wrecks began dotting the field: 3, 5, 9, 11… (I raced into the thick of it to start looting, popping the drones in my wake to let them buzz about and begin salvaging.) The Trigs were getting the worst of it. They called in reinforcements. Endecom warped in more hulls in response. Both sides poured ships into the inferno that was madly blazing. 6 waves came cascading in out of the black. Endecom took it all in and belched out death. Over 60, maybe 80 wrecks filled the field once it was finally done. My Algos filled. I left to grab a bigger ship; calling in corp mates to haul away the goods. Hundreds of millions of isk were collected. Another 200 million in my take alone!

I warped into Adrallezoen today. The Trig WH from last night is still there. It has a twin. Two Trig systems are now flooding in. A third WH has recently appeared. Drifter Sleepers are on the other side… It’s a three-way fight in the system now. I can see wrecks on Dscan…

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Congrats on the loot score
For anyone who missed out like
Catch up in chat: RPR Public

I was on the Ardene gate in Boillair. I had just hopped through and saw trigs swarming all around me. I messed with my Scanner window, diminished it, noticed an astero on grid for a second before it disappeared, only to be replaced by a capsule that promptly warped off. Wow! The Trigs had blapped him… I approached the wreck to at least salvage and look at what loot there was… 255 million !!! YES !!!

I warped into the next system, docked up and waited out the suspect timer. When I returned to Boillair, the wreck was gone. Guess you can’t have it all… Ha, ha!

I was happy to share my news in corp chat. Happier still with the congratulations. A big part of this game for me is the social element now; being able to share these stories and having them well received. :slight_smile:

All ways found the exit to be more beautiful then the entrance

Now I just need a lot more zero point condensates
To find out how to help jump in our chat
Chat: RPR Public

Looking for info on the next updates
If anyone knows anything please post up

Looks like doing research on eveMarketer is a no go
Seems like the news of a new Indy might have a lot of pilots looking at eveMarketer

It was this last Sunday, casual as ever, when someone suggested that we should slap together a mining operation. It went through the corp like a grass fire. Within 15 minutes we had half the logged-on members scooping up rocks. It was amazing to me how something like that can come together so quickly.

After nearly 2 hours we had stashed away over 120 million isk in ore at our Athanor, ready for future ships or whatever else the corporation may need. I still get amazed with corp ops. Call me a nerd, but I love seeing all the purple of one of our fleets flying around getting things done.

Hope to see you don the purple and come fly with us!