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Great weekend
Researching T2 blue prints
Pulled out a number of nice T2 parts that will need to be built
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So grateful that RPR is so laid back about members’ online time. I had to go offline for a month (yikes!) and I knew my RPR membership was safe. They don’t kick you out just because you’re offline for a day or a week or a year. Real life comes first!

Had a few questions:

  1. You are in high sec for some function?

  2. Any where near metropolis region? (trying to figure out how far i will have to move…lately greater than 36 jumps just to find out misinformation given LOL

  3. are there any members active:
    a: 2am - 7am GMT Monday through Friday?

    b: 8pm - 7 AM Sat - Sum?

Hey Ca Joecool, yes we’re based in hi sec. Headquarters are near Dodixie in Gallente space. To see how many of us are on at any given time, I recommend stopping by our in-game public chat channel RPR Public

See you!


Welcome from RPR
I will mail you in-game when I log on.
Everyone is welcome to join or chat
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Applications are in for 3 toons

Man Triglavians are a pain. Those Raznaborg Damaviks hit HARD! And they kill your pod too. There is a cure though. You can get positive standings to both Edencom AND the Triglavians, so they all just leave you alone and let you get on with your day. I’m getting my standings up right now, with the help of some of our corp’s more experienced members.

Ask about this and everything else we’re up to here: RPR Public (in-game chat channel)

Like Bisi, I’ve gone along on one of the fleet exercises to boost both Trig and Edencom standings. My character is fairly low level so I sometimes don’t have the skills for some of the fleet fittings but this one was easy. Lots of benefits for a newer player to having corp chat for questions or general info!

Hoping for a good weekend of hacking Data Sites
These Gala Sites are far and few between
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Recruitment is open

We are looking for like minded members where real life is first and eve second. Come join a easy going corporation. Please join us in RPR PUBLIC

Beware these guys, they are not as nice as they say they are.

Due to rl, I started thinking to leave since I wasn’t really playing and I had no motivation, no hard feelings on my part, nothing. I had been quiet for most of my presence in the corp. I asked if I had to do anything in corp chat, I never accessed nor requested access to any of the hangars but wanted to be sure, nobody replied and instead, I got kicked right away, blocked from the public channel when asked why and even blocked by the director kicking me without even explaining; simply for saying I was thinking, I repeat, thinking to leave, I still hadn’t finalized my decision at the time.

Very nice work of public relationships right here. :woman_shrugging:

Hmm thats an interesting Comment
well I guess sometimes things go wrong.

Well I for one had a great long weekend running Abyssal Sites. Managed to get two more pilots running frigates with us.
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Started looking into finding some more of the LS minerals
Think I have a plan. Going to start experimenting this weekend to see if I can get sufficient quantities

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PI Saturday
Looks like some of the items went up in price a little nice to see
Working on upgrading a few of my ship fits
Been a busy day
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Looking for new and veteran members to come join a casual corp. Real Life first eve second.

Lol lost a ship to the Abyss yesterday.
Mostly got a new one back up and running
Need to thank my Corp mate for pull off a solo for the last couple rooms and saving my pod.
Even with the ship loss it was a fun afternoon of flying
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Have had a great time in RPR. Along with our alliance friends it is a fun and knowledgeable group. Come join us!

Looks like rain
You know what that means
It’s probably a good day for Abyssal Runs
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