Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

Just ran some Level 4 missions in fleet with a corpmate. They do go a lot faster when there’s more of you! Split the rewards, get your standing up, and make friends all at the same time.

Stop by our public chat channel and say hi: RPR Public

Real life comes first.
Never get wardecced.
No mandatory operations.
High-sec location near trade hub.
Friendly, helpful corpmates.

Public chat channel: RPR Public

Hi, new player here. My online times are very unpredictable so looking to find a corp where there is something going on most of time to maximize my chance of participating. Is RPR a good fit?

Hi Sark,

We have people from all over the world so there’s most likely always someone on at any given time (of course US/EU evenings/weekends are busier). Whether someone’s doing something you can join in is generally up to the individual. You can always ask in corp chat if anyone’s doing something like running missions or offering boosted mining. Fleet ops like pvp roams, trig hunting, FOB bashing, or incursions get planned a few days to weeks ahead.

Our public chat channel: RPR Public


Hi, how many is typically online in EU time ?

Hi Jacquel,

This evening there were about 20 on. I think there’s usually more on the weekend and fewer on a typical weeknight.


We’ve always got something going on. Join our Vanguard Fleet for an Incursion, for instance!

Talk to one of our recruiters in our public chat channel: RPR Public

That’s a great shot!

Just applied to join the Corp. Looking forward to participating. How long does it usually take to get accepted?

Hi Sark,

We ask folks to come talk to us in our chat before we extend an invitation. We like to get a feel for people first. Feel free to stop by whenever you have a moment!

RPR Public


I chatted on the channel on Friday night… what time are the CEOs et al usually on?

All questions in Eve can be answered the same:

“It depends”

Something strange going on.
Research agent RP/day has changed drastically

For more news as I find out more join us
Chat: RPR Public

Deep in a Triglavian Wormhole and cloaked! Come join the fun!

Talk to one of our recruiters in our public chat channel: RPR Public

Hey all I think I have decided I like to Join :slight_smile:
I will be in game most of the day in the Chat. I know you guys reached out to me a few times and answered my questions so thank you so much.

Just a warning I am a Alpha Clone and I’m a tiny YouTuber so I will try to avoid Recording Corp Chat, etc. That being said I assume most things will be safe, but if you have some rules of your own for privacy, etc please let me know as I don’t want to make anyone unhappy or feel their privacy might be intruded on.

StoneLegion YouTube

PS: I was Stone Legion then I learned about the 1 Million SP. I wish I picked a slightly better name but I had done it at the time so if people were searching me they could find me hehe.

Winter event is wrapping up. Hope everyone worked hard on event
Come check out our Corp
Chat: RPR Public

If your ever worried about joining a corporation because you are leery of what the people are like, you should have no concerns here. These are good people and Ace is a great leader. I still look back at the time I flew with them as the best times that I have had in Eve. So if you are a fresh face or a tired vet, joining them would only improve your Eve experience. Fly safe.

I’m a new player with Omega, how do I join? How do I mail Aceof72 or Fica? I’ve never used mail in this game before.

Just jump in our public chat channel
Chat : RPR Public

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Saturday morning coffee and PI
Put your feet up relax and ship your materials around
Join us in chat
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