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Red Phoenix Rising - according to Tomain…

Why join a Corp? To learn of course. Eve is a stupidly large game with too many things to do and a depth that will make your head spin. Think that you have mastered a certain task? Think again as you soon discover implants, additional skills or that next ship waiting to be yours.

I played for two and a half months solo, calling Pulin my home before I crossed paths with a friendly recruiter from RPR. Little old me thought I had a pretty decent handle on the game, carving out my own little corner of Eve. I was wrong, within that first week of joining the Corp I had learnt more, shot more and earnt more than I had in those solo months by a factor of ten.

What’s more is you get to regularly participate in all manner of activities that I didn’t even know existed. So now one year and three months on I still value every moment I get with my Corp mates, even if they roll their digital eyes at my semi-regular in game mails bragging about my misguided exploits. I mean who doesn’t want to hear about the diplomatic incidents that I cause. I still stand by that the Trigvalian salvage was up for grabs…

Do yourself a favour (and get a leg up) and join a large and very active corp.


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How do I join

I am very happy that I joined this corp a month ago (Time goes by so fast !!)
They’re an amazing, friendly and helpful bunch ! It’s definitely a good fit for new players like me :smiley:

Come join us, I can always use more friends to go harvest some gas cloud :wink:

A great group. Full of knowledgeable and active leadership. They do pretty much everything! Much better run corp than TEST ever was!

In game message/mail JonReese.

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Newbie friendly corp welcoming new and returning pilots

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Corp Based Vanguard Fleet Running!

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I cannot recommend Red Phoenix Rising enough! It is a great mix of highly experienced veterans and new pilots meaning that those new to EVE get access to years of experience, mission advice, ship fits, and high-level events as soon as they sign on. RPR is incredibly welcoming and you can always find someone online willing to help out, whether that be with friendly advice or just as a tactical wingman.

New appointed faction managers are available to offer bespoke guidance depending on your starting location and ship preference, or to point you in the right direction regardless of what you want EVE to be for you. Mission, industry, mining, wormhole exploration, Incursions and Abyssals - it’s pretty much all covered,

Newbie friendly corp welcoming new and returning pilots

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