Red Skull Federation Now Recruiting! [SKFED] PVP and PVE/Industry in Null

The Red Skull Federation is in the Nullsec SOV alliance, Brothers of Tangra.

What we offer:

  • Safe PVE/Ratting environment in Nullsec
  • Safe mining and industry in Nullsec
  • Constant PvP small gangs and CTAs. (I run most small gang stuff)
  • We have people from all time zones that are consistently online.

What we require/ are looking for:

  • At least 5mil SP (Alphas and new players are welcome)
  • A willingness to participate in pvp regarding our home systems.
  • People who are mature and can help one another.

Feel free to respond to this post, contact me, Jason Flamerad, or contact our CEO, Daraziel if you are interested.

You may contact us in game or through eve mail

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