Redux. EU 0.0 Roaming Corp

Redux: - ‘A whales vagina’ at least I’m sixty percent sure that’s what it means…

comprising a gregarious bunch of rooks, knaves, swindlers and all round cheeky chappies, hailing mosty from Glorious and Infallible Blighty with a sprinkling of vikings and troublesome colonials from accross the pond…

what we require from you are 30 million points of skill, a certain adeptness at the little known art of witty banter and big ol’ set of cast iron balls!

If for some strange reason you still want to join this gaggle of mischievous c***s then contact Killfest, Matt Emery or Join in game channel Dux. for an interview, and join us purging the galaxy of lesser beings, carebears and nubs!

So all the best with your application, I’m sure you will knock em dead! unless of course you’re an complete twat…

Love and Kisses,


Viking crew checking in.

Bump for the duck squad

This corporation ad is good.

great bunch of guys if your looking for a nullsec corp they are worth getting in touch with

Great group, hire’s us at M.W.I. come out and attend the private VIP parties in the club. Pay’s extra for the grease.

Role up role up!!! all new members get a pair of pink armbands for the pond and free bag of cheap bird seed.

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Can confirm these are a good bunch of people

come for the banter stay for the pew

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Solid group of dudes these guys. Been flying with them ever since they joined Centipede Caliphate and they’ve been nothing but hilarious good fun =)

a good group of lads, you would be mad to pass on this chance to join them👍

Bump for an awesome gang. :smiley:

Runaway, Runaway, the ducks are coming

Chief Viking Duck Signing in.

quack quack

Convo me if your bored of being bored :slight_smile:

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up we go

I highly recommend Redux, if you like spaceships and/or shemales.
Join our public channel for a dirty talk.


We (as in I) are desperate to recruit someone from Liverpool, so if you are in Liverpool, join quickly (you will of course have to accept that I at random times of the year show up on your door to stay for a few days so I can watch the footy)


Bump to the top, where we belong