Referring to yourself or your product as Number 1 is cringe?

Hi :slight_smile: EVE Online is currently being marketed as the worlds number 1 space mmo. It reminds me of those fail videos of people who celebrate too early, you know the ones? But also as mentioned in title its kind of cringe when someone refers to themselves or their product as number 1. Its cheap marketing.

Why are you here?


Why are you trying to change the subject?

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When it’s really Nr.1 and people know why, it isn’t cringe at all.
But when it cannot be verified then not only is it a lie but, yeah, it’s cringe as hell.

The subject is „DChill makes thread number 500 unhappy with Eve Online and this one is DChill thinks Eve Online marketing is cringe“ and I am asking why you are still here.


I don’t care.

For the record, there’s a lot of issues with CCP Games marketing. Calling themselves „number 1“ isn’t it


that’s cringe

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As if you could do anything with your black list :joy:

As our space princess Aiko would say (probably)


Imagine calling your product not the #1 space MMO. There wouldn’t be enough ICU beds to house all the marketeers!!

Silly subject. Next !

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It’s pretty much standard practice for anybody who’s set a record at something or been first at something or just wants to make a nice-sounding claim. “We’re No.1” is about as generic as it gets.

Sadly, so are your various complaint threads. As a troll, you’re generic and low-energy. Your ‘insights’ about EVE are weak and lacklustre. It’s like an American light beer showing up at a German beer-tasting festival.

As Io said, CCP/EVE has marketing/selling/advertising issues considerably more significant than claiming the No.1 spot. And yet even so it’ll still be here long after you’ve moved on to troll some other game.

Take your trolling to the next level. Stop being cringe. Claim the No.1 troll spot, fight off the pretenders, and win!

It’s the EVE way.

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