Reimbursement missing?

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Apologies if this has been answered but CCP said we was getting a reimbursement from all the fun and games caused by the ‘‘upgraded’’ chat system, an upgrade that if they did it right that we would not see any changes

Has the aforementioned reimbursement been made to the players yet?

Fly wonky guys


No. I would look for something in the coming weeks along with the other “goodies” CCP will be handing out.

You get reimbursed if you lose a ship because of the chat not showing people in local, you don’t get reimbursed if you don’t lose anything

Not true. CCP hands out stuff all the time for major snafus and occasional events (Christmas, 15th Anniversary, etc.)

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Closed by ISD, despite the rather opaque claim to have answered the question…

Answer was perfectly clear … “your cheque is in the mail”.

If you send me 50 million ISK as reimbursement fee I will send you the 5 billion ISK reimbursement package right away. :wink:

*results may vary

I have hi-Lighted Giv Lootz post above, as it answers the question asked.