#ReleaseTheCSM_MEMO Time for Minutes!

Why is ccp delaying and hiding the latest csm sumit minutes?

Typing up a few paragraphs doesn’t take WEEKS.

“All meeting members need chance to sign off and REDACT INFO”

Freaking send them an email ccp lol. Its 2018.

Seriously there is NO EXCUSE other than deceite to not #RELEASE_THECSM_MEMO-MINUTES

You have obviously never dealt with corporate legal departments. This deals with NDAs, what can and can’t be said to the public yet. It is never a quick thing. It has to be created, reviewed by legal, appended, reviewed by legal, debt out for comments from CSM, reviewed by legal, probably reviewed by legal again and then released… Maybe after at least one final legal review.


The CSM summit ran from Jan 15-18- 2 weeks ago. Minutes are expected “roughly” 2 weeks later so today is the earliest they could be released but it usually takes a bit longer. Start getting impatient next Friday but temper that with the knowledge that CCP doesn’t have to release the minutes - they choose to.

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In the meantime. January’s MER dropped a bit ago.

–Gadget ALWAYS has spare reading material

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Don’t rant on the forums, it’s against the rules.

CSM Minutes are currently being prepared. They’ll be released sometime in the next week or so.

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