Remove - Sold

Faction magstab as good as Setele’s but with super low CPU 1b

Max range A-type Medium Neut with near max neut amount and huge capreduction. Makes for a very broken Curse

One of the best Capbatteries in the game. 2.25b

Lowered prices slightly

Abyssal price standardization.
1b per good(+70-100%) essential attribute roll

I have gotten 1 inquiry for the Capbattery

Everything is still available for sale

Reevaluated the price of the Magstab

1.25b for the neut?

Sadly thats to cheap for the insane range it gets

Thanks for the offer

Don’t forget to check out the abyssals trading discord!

Plenty of clients there and a plethora of good modules for sale

4.5 for them all.

Sold to Shaftmaster for 4.5b

Contract is up ingame, thank you!

Accepted, thanks

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