Removing Blockade Runner Racial Hauler Cargo Capacity Bonus

I would like to recommend, as a quality of life improvement, that the 25% Cargo Capacity bonus blockade runners receive from their racial hauler skill be removed, in exchange for a 25% improvement to the base cargo capacity of these ships. As all transport ships already require racial hauler V, this bonus is always received at full anyway, and the current implementation only serves to cause inconvenience when cargo can’t be fully moved into the ship without first piloting the ship. The impact of this change would be to make these ships more convenient to use.

This change can be extended to all T2 hulls. For example the in-game simulator would more accurately reflect the performance of a T2 hull the character cannot yet pilot, if the bonuses received from Racial Ship Class are moved into role bonuses, or baked into the base stats of the hull whenever possible. Such a change would make the game more approachable for those players who haven’t yet learned to use Pyfa, and from CCP’s perspective seeing more accurate performance statistics on something like an assault frig may entice new players to upgrade to omega. It would also make the interface less cluttered.


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