Renegade Stars - Renegade Stars recruiting new pilots

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Renegade Stars is a is a corporation residing in nullsec, Main focus is making fun and isk as well as pvp. We are new player friendly and will accept after review of a full API.

What We Offer:
-Fun doing PvP.
-Teamspeak for voice communication.
-Nice nullsec systems, very good for explorations, PvE and PvP and industry!

-Help getting started as a new player.
-Access to lucrative nullsec ore with mining boost fleets.
-Access to precious exploration relic and data sites.
-Access to combat sites for PvE, solo or in fleet.
-Access to Citadels for industry.

What we require:
-A full access no expiry API key for all your accounts;
-Ability to use mic and headset

For more information contact FeMalogalotalotim ingame.

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