Renting C5 Wormholes -- the largest selection and the most references!

I have many C5 wormholes for rent. Systems are individually priced as available citadels, class, effect, planets and static all affect value.

C5 systems for rent include:

Class Static Effect Citadels
C5 C5 (H296) None Astrahus

Systems for sale:
None currently

Extensive references available upon request, including from groups with negative standings.

Rental agreements and/or outright purchases available depending on the system. Renting comes with certain privileges.

Join channel “LZHX Rentals” in game or message me on Discord (Xzalia#1919).


Lots still available

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so there is a standing response fleet in those holes? - rando prospective buyer


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Op updated with availability. Also, I’ve got C5s in all shapes in sizes not listed here. Just let me know what you’re after.

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What are the priviledges you mentioned?
Because You DO NOT OWN the wormholes and unlike in null where you are backed by an alliance with large numbers of people to defend rented space. What is stopping a random pvp group from just waltzing in and hunting the renters.unlike null sec there is no consistent route of entry and hole control is a thing.So unless you are telling people that you have a 10 man fleet stationed in everyone of those wormholes to defend renters . Then this is just total BS because you do not own the space and you have no right to rent it at all.

Was that your venture I killed yesterday? :upside_down_face:


6/5 vanilla sold. Op updated.

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Get 'em while the gettin’s good

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Hit me up if you have any questions. Dumb questions are welcome. I can use them to help bump this thread!

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For c6s theres a limited number and it doesnt take “too long” to rage roll into a target c6 if the wh youre rolling from has a static.

Same for c5s but there are more so it takes longer.

This guy came into one of my systems in a Venture to huff gas and died “within 5 seconds of getting started”. He came to this thread to continue his malding. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, lots of happy customers and still lots of inventory. Hit me up!

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Don’t let you dreams be memes

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hello do you have any C5/5 ?

Shoot me a message on discord with what you’re looking for: effect, citadel type, etc.

Op updated

I find wormhole C5 or C6 static only C6.
I can rent WH

I have several 6s with 5 or 6 statics. Message me on Discord to work out the details.

Added a C5 Red Giant and C5 Vanilla to inventory

Added another C5 RG

Get those dank ticks