[Service] Loroseco's Wormhole / Citadel Third Party Service

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Hello friends,

Over the past couple of months I have third partied several wormholes for free. Since the number of people asking for my help is only increasing, I have decided that I would like to get paid for my work.

Introducing: Loroseco’s Wormhole Third Party Service


  • Once two parties agree on a price for transferring structures or a wormhole, I will hold the isk or assets while both parties complete the transaction - for a fee.
  • If you are looking to buy or sell a wormhole and haven’t found anyone to buy/sell to, contact me and I will help you search free of charge.


I will secure empty wormhole transactions for a flat 200mil fee. For wormholes with assets in them, I will secure for a 100mil flat fee plus the following additional charges:

  • 200mil per astra / rait / athanor
  • 300mil total for any/all POCOs in system.
  • 400mil per azbel / tatara
  • 600mil per fortizar
  • 1bil per Sotiyo
  • 5bil per Keepstar (lol)
  • Contact me to arrange other transactions (POSs, floating caps, etc).

I will reduce my rates for bulk transfers on a case-by-case basis.


In-game EVEmail: Loroseco Kross
Discord: Loroseco#8898
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yP2xg3b

I do not use any other platforms (Steam, Skype, email, etc) so please do not trust anyone except the above points of contact.

Why Trust me?

Anyone with the “Satisfied Customer” role in my Discord server has used my servicesand has agreed to vouch for me. Feel free to hop on the server and ask around.

Still don’t trust me after talking to references? That’s fine! Paranoia is good for you. Enquire about transferring structures one at a time, or organise transferring assets separately ahead of time, in order to reduce how much I am holding at once. I’m happy to work with you to make both parties feel as safe as possible for no extra charge.


  • Transfers will only happen through the above contacts, and any in-game character that I have personally told you is my alt. I will not take responsibility for anyone who is scammed by a character or corp that I have not personally vouched for. If in doubt, please Evemail my main or contact me on Discord (both are 2FA enabled).
  • I take extra steps to ensure no spelling errors are made in character names when assets are transferred. I will refund any assets lost by my own error, but I will not be held responsible for any transfers to incorrect corporations due to a customer’s error.
  • Please don’t ask my opinion of other competing services, I will always just say “use me instead!”.

Loroseco helped me buy a C5 from another party. Was very quick, helpful and easy. Would recommend.

can confirm loro is a trustworthy dude, multiple people I know have used him as a 3rd party in the past and were very satisfied. I can also confirm that I will make loro’s life miserable if it ever turns out he’s been dishonest

As the CEO of some pve and exploration WH corp I’d like to say that I vouch for Loroseco as an honorable and trustworthy broker of WH’s. Don’t get scammed out of that sick C5 you want to buy that comes with 20b in structures!
(If you find a C5 with 20b in structures anchored belonging to non - PvP’rs PM me in game for a finders fee).

as some random ass idiot on the forum

:+1: to loro, good guy

Loreoseco is a good guy, :ok_hand:

After finally deciding to sell an unused wormhole and messaging loro to find a buyer/3rd party it, my biggest issue was he had found a buyer within an hour, and I was still moving assets/alts out by the time the buyer was docked in the astrahus and waiting on me.

So let me summarize :

An old HK member, still really close to its members and corp state of mind, is proposing you to transfer your whole wormhole to him.

Quick reminder about some vouches that you can see here :

  • Braxus Deninard : Encourages HK members to scam. Very proud of the C6 renting scam.
  • Viktor Pvolman + Anthony Giola : Quit Shekelsquad without notice from CEO and Director roles, attempt to transfer to themselves all Corp citadels before leaving (proof)
  • Seth Cane : wouldn’t hurt a HK fly
  • Timoxa Zero : just another puppet

Sorry @Loroseco_Kross, you should maybe choose your vouches more wisely ?

For anyone else : don’t use this offer, they will take your citadels and run away with it leaving you with nothing, especially if they consider you as an unknown player from the WH community.

/!\ SCAM ALERT /!\


I’m glad you know so much about politics in EVE Online, assuming that Loroseco is still related to Hard Knocks. If you knew about relations between people you wouldn’t have made that statement. While yes, I wouldn’t evict a HK alt hole, I will gladly go for Loroseco if he decides to scam anyone.


Hi Camille, thank you for your feedback.

I chose a variety of people to pitch to because everyone who is well-known in wormhole space has made enemies. I made my list as long and as wide-reaching as possible to cover this. I notice you conveniently didn’t mention Redjon or Zolka, both of whom are respected members of leadership in the C4 community.

Regardless, various members of wormhole space come attached to their past actions. I concede that nobody on that list is perfect, and I apologise that the people I choose have made you uncomfortable using my service. This service is all about trust. If you don’t trust me, then don’t use my service! no hard feelings.

See you in space!

At least if you are going to troll, don’t make a 2 hour old account and post an hour in. Use your main and show some proof bud

EDIT: to note the toon doesnt even show up on zkill :eyes:

I can see that you have no idea what you’re talking about, that screenshot shows me saying im wouldnt transfer structures after people suggested it to me, as the full logs that got pubblicly released show (yet you decided to share this screenshot taken out of context text as your “proof”, really makes you think), Both me and anthony had roles to transfer any structure owned by shekelsquad for days after that discussion took place, but both of us didnt.

Loroseco is a trustworthy guy, and everyone I know that used his service in the past has had no issues whatsoever and was pretty satisfied.

Also the fact you made a fresh alt just to make this post is saying enough I think

Please dont try and slander people in the future when you have no idea what you’re talking about.


Bump, still open for business

Friendly reminder :


I really don’t have a bone in my body for diplomacy; if you’re going to call our Loroseco, please do so on your main, not hiding behind an alt.
Having used his service - as I can confirm from wallet logs which will show the money coming to his account, being transferred to mine, and the other party confirming the transaction - it’s not a scam.

Name what burden of proof you want, and as a customer, I’ll find it.
If you’re just here to senselessly insult him, at least have the dignity to do it on your main. Thanks.

Here ye, here ye! Let it be known that Loroseco, softest hands in all of New Eden, recently played host to transferring several of my structures. Smoothest citadel job I’ve ever had!

Bump, still open for business

Bump! Join my new discord server to easily advertise your wormhole.

Bump, still in business! Hop onto my discord server if you’re interested.