[Service] Third Party Wormhole Broker

(The Voice) #1


We are offering our services as a third party broker for wormhole sales.

We currently sell a lot wormholes ourselves and see a need for an active broker service, to make both parties feel comfortable doing the transaction of ISK and the wormhole transfer itself.

Considering that we are just starting, we will have the meager fee of 10% of the transaction costs (5% buyer, 5% seller). If the seller does not uphold his/her part of the deal, the buyer will receive a full refund of the deposit (including the 5% deposit). And visa versa, when the buyer cancels the deal, the seller will get full refund of the deposit.

Feel free to contact us via ingame mail (The Voice - response EU timezone). We hope to hear from you soon.

[WTS] No effect c5 with c5 static + fitted astra
WTS C2 Black Hole (HS/C3 Static) w/ Astrahaus
Wts c3 and c4 ,both static/no any docked, 1bill each wh(price dropped to bestprice near)
(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #2


(Syndra en Tilavine) #3

hello could you help me out, I am looking for a c2/3 with a hs static.

(The Voice) #4

We got one for sale: J134006

(The Voice) #5

Still offering

(Dallass C'c) #6

We have used the broker for WH with two citadels. It ran smoothly. If you are considering for your corp, you are on right spot. Reliable, trustfull. I can recommend…