[Resolved] 20220517 - Services issues

Still some endpoints missing

PS> (Get-EveEsiStatus).count                                   
PS> (Get-EveEsiStatus|where {$_.tags -contains 'assets'}).Count 
PS>  Get-EveEsiStatus|where {$_.tags -contains 'assets'}|ft     

Here is the endpoint groups that are up

PS> Get-EveEsiStatus|select -ExpandProperty tags -Unique|Sort-Object            
Faction Warfare
Planetary Interaction
User Interface

I’m still missing plex, as well as many others I have talked to. How is this resolved?

It may be in your assets if not in the plex vault. I think market purchased plex is in the station you bought it from.

Write a bug report via F12 in game

Its not there. Iooked and did an asset search

Try relogging in or changing session? Sometimes it’s just that it isn’t appearing visually. I see sometimes that happens on some windows.

Alternatively pull your inventory via the ESI API (Assets endpoints are down currently though) and see if it’s there and check market transactions, not sure if the vault has a transaction log.

Still missing 1K plex even after server restart. please fix this

I have no idea about Sisi, I haven’t logged in it yet, all I know is it’s a testing server.

That’s surprising. I don’t how they hope to build on that if they don’t improve the interfaces.

Unstable in the sense, they construct it at runtime at the ESI router, so when an endpoint goes dark, it really goes dark, and cannot be monitored via the status API at all. Same with the OpenAPI spec, you cannot construct a client proxy stub fully if one endpoint goes dark, so the spec becomes a partial spec.

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theres nothing there. didnt receive.

Time to file a support ticket

Thank you.

Market orders were definitely affected by this. The one day I randomly decided to try buying and then selling a bit of plex, my buy orders totaling 300 plex all show as having been filled yesterday in my transaction history, but I have 0 plex.

opened one 14 hours ago.

Did you say ticket? Here’s a ticket!

Ah! The cow ! What a bad joke!

We really haven’t been bored on EvE Online lately, not because of the lost high quality of the original game itself, no that, in any case, even if this point is already quite heavy to bear, but rather because of the multiple commercial and technical blunders accumulated by CCP!

Finally, it’s FanFest day every day at CCP! Is not it ? No, but more seriously, what a bad joke!

Hey! Hey! Welcome to the EvE Online pseudo-metaverse of Icelandic sprinklers, these +33% carrot scammers, these junkyard vikings!

This makes me strangely think of what happened during the catastrophic deployment of version 8.3 of World of Warcraft against the backdrop of a serious structural crisis at Blizzard in early 2020; the rest we know by heart, since this had the direct consequence of mass terminations on the part of all the injured players themselves; it should be remembered that some Mac players had seen their machines burn out…

And it still seems obvious in the case of Blizzard, that this version 8.3 was probably the result of internal sabotage on the part of developers who were probably very unhappy with the company’s new policy - as we ultimately understand them. …

Ah! Lala! Finally, history always repeats itself wherever you go! Here, we also have fun with the APIs! It’s just human! And the presumptuous ultraliberals learn it every day at their expense, whatever the field, so much do they have difficulty in assimilating the human sciences…

So now in EvE Online, PLEX oblige, we will no longer fly in safety…

And then anyway, PLEX, what exactly are these stinky things?
NFTs that do not say their name, no doubt?

They really take us for hams at CCP!
The greed, it’s so pathetic! Is not it ?

The old fossils of the CSM should think more seriously about all this…

Go on ! @+++ the capsulers, and this in another new virtual life! Or New Eden at the time of nostalgia…

Ully Loom (I’ll refrain from laughing)

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Is that Haiku?

HaiCubed, maybe.

What you supposedly fixed is cool, but where are my PLEXes, Lebowski?
People who lost their ISKs/plexes because of your fails, how to get them back? Do you compensate yourself or write to support?
No respect for capsuleers from you.


Don’t forget the Boot.ini thing

Wasn’t really the market order, it was the plex delivery system.

Since you have record on your end of the filled order that means they will have server logs of the same thing.
File a support ticket and it will be fixed “soon” I’m sure.