Resurrection Complex - Looking for Conscripts!


(Aurelia Breeze) #101


(Aurelia Breeze) #102

Recruitment is open, come check us out o/

(Aurelia Breeze) #103

Recruiting newer and returning players ~ omega’s preferred
Come have a chat !

(Aurelia Breeze) #104

Recruitment open, come say hello o/

(Aurelia Breeze) #105

Per usual looking for PvP enthusiasts

(Aurelia Breeze) #106

Recruiting still ~ come have a chat ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #107

Recruitment open ~ Looking for EU and US TZ pilots, EU is the corps and alliances most active timezone so don’t join expecting to see a few hundred people, we’re a small corp building up a good core of people.

(Aurelia Breeze) #108

Shameless Bump

(Aurelia Breeze) #109

Recruitment open, we’ll be relaxing recruitment criteria shortly after recent politic shifts in eve~ stay tuned

(Aurelia Breeze) #110

Recruitment is open ~ looking for PvPP Players, good space for mining and PvE endeavors

(Aurelia Breeze) #111

Recruitment open ~ come have a chat, we might even have free cookies (Free cookies may be a figment of someones imagination)

(Aurelia Breeze) #112

Recruitment open, omega’s only ta~

(Aurelia Breeze) #113

As per usual recruitment is open, come hit us up ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #114

Are you looking for a new home?
Want to join an alliance who’s history stretches back from near the beginning of Eve?
Come have a chat!

(Aurelia Breeze) #115

BUMP - Keep my recruiters busy guys :wink:

(Aurelia Breeze) #116

Recruitment is open ~ looking for INdustry, PvE and PvP Pilots,~

(Aurelia Breeze) #117

Recruitment is open :gentlemanparrot: come find your new home ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #118

Recruiting players, come get space rich, and then space poor :wink:

(Aurelia Breeze) #119

We’re looking for quality members to join us in fun roams, ratting, mining and other nullsec related shenanigans, come have a chat.

(Aurelia Breeze) #120

Industrialists of questionable skills to assemble ships and guns are also welcome as the ships are not expected to fly for long anyway.

Jokes aside - looking for Ratters, Miners and PvP Enthusiasts Alike ~