RezCo - Corpse Collectors Wanted!- Null PvP

Looking for a home? We’re rebuilding, looking for Industrialists, PvE enthusiasts and PvP Specialists~
Enquire within.

Looking for a new home? Looking for fun fights, good space and trolls to meme with? come have a chat.

Recruitment going well, still looking for a few more people though to flush out some timezones, come have a chat o/

Website is up and rebranded!

Come have a chat looking for Eu and USTZ pilots~

The usual stuff, come check us out ~

Looking for pilots to join our ranks ~
Alliance is also looking for corporations ~
Enquire within!

Looking for EU Pilots, come have a chat!

Come join us… We have so much fun :slight_smile:

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Recruitment open, seeking PvP pilots ~

Join RezCo! Home of the Trolls.

Looking for fun brawls? Stupid Roams? Come have a chat!

Looking for somewhere to make some isk, shoot some fools? Come check us out!

Recruitment open ~ Come have chat

Back to the top!

Recruitent Open bois ~

Recruitments open people~
Looking for EU/EST pilots. Come have a chat

Recruitment open people ~ Looking for people interested in PvP ! Look us up

RezCo is recruiting o/
PvP Centric Corp looking for people interested in learning Pvp, occasional roams and the super serious fights that only happen in null.

Recruitment open bois

Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug if you’re a Scrooge!

Recruitment open ~ come have a chat

Are you looking for a new home?
Are you wanting to grow an established EU Corp with a growing USTZ(EST) player base?
Are you after good fights? Light Trolling? Memes?
Are you looking for a corp that looks after it’s members?
Good Industry?
Lots of Infrastructure?

Come have a chat in RezCo Public, we’ll happily have a convo, failing that join our discord!

The Corps Discord - No Escape now!