We fought the Goons and... the Goons lost. REZCO is recruiting

That’s right… that was us. Sorry lads… GF’s all round! :wink:

Resurrection Complex has re-opened its doors and are looking for new recruits.

A little about us, REZCO is a Null PVP Corp as per our wonderful killboard, we take fights even if it’s not always the smartest move because we’re all about the content and having fun first and foremost. We’re a proud member of RAZOR Alliance one of the oldest alliances in EVE which is part of the FI.RE Coalition.

Some Video Clips

What we offer:

  • Active Voice Chat and a Community.
  • Ore Buyback Programme so you don’t have look far to Finance your PVP.
  • Daily fleets.
  • Friendly Environment to learn PVP for those pilots who are interested but don’t have the most practice.
  • Coalition Fleets.
  • Small Gang Roams.
  • Organised Fleets with Experienced FC’s.
  • Corp Funded Capital Programme (Details available upon request).

You can expect relaxed leadership, minimal CTAs, plenty of space for ratting and mining and help with logistics, we in REZCO like to think we’re a bit different from the rest, we’re all about having fun, do you want to Leeroy a Dreadnaught into an enemy fleet in an attempt to hero tackle the points/dictors pinning down friendlies? Being able to whelp ships and not worry about the repercussions? That’s us, we’re all about “fun” a strange concept in Eve Online these days.

Aside from the jokes and the laughs, there’s plenty of people to offer help and advice if requested, if you’re looking for a bunch of chill pilots, without the drama, we’re perfect for you.

What we’re looking for:

  • PVP Focused Pilots.
  • An Unhealthy Obsession with Corpse Collecting.
  • Self-reliance in terms of Finances.
  • 15M SP Requirement, Omega’s only.
  • EU and US TZ Pilots.
  • Good Sense of Humour.
  • Must be Omega.

Find a Recruitment Centre today!

Speak to us in RezCo Public or join our Discord

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That was a fun fight!

nudge… ok… bump

Still looking, always looking, we have some of the best people looking and they’re going to build a wall, NC. is going to pay for it

Bumping bumping bumping, lay a little bump for me

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