Returned player looking for mining corp

I have just returned to the game after a long (years) abscence and am looking for someone to help me get back up and running with mining.

I have a mackinaw and exhumers to IV but cant really remember anything beyond the basics and figured mighjt be nice to do some mining with others to learn from

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Fusion Enterprises is a well-established, multi-focused corp since 2006. It has a rich alliance history but does not lose sight of its primary focus of providing access to game content for mature players, with corporate and alliance level goals for industrial and PvP characters alike. We have access to multiple 0.0 systems with excellent security status which means you can enjoy mining, PI, PVE & PVP in a low stress environment.

We offer:

  • Corp Mineral/Ore purchase Scheme
  • Good Pi planets, with low tax
  • Supply of barges to get you started
  • Corp Mining Ops to support corp and alliance programs and enjoy some fun with your mates
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Hey Wyatt,

Just want to clue you into the fact that the corp “Leviathan Rising” is recruiting. It’s a corporation that holds moons on a HS island that has plenty of opportunity for building and 90% of all the BPOs in the game that you would need. Free copies are handed out and mining happens weekly.

Talk to Sunstar or Mialta for some more information.

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Hi @Wyatt_Haplo,

Welcome back! We are an active and relaxed group with experience in all areas of the game. We not only train NewBros how to play, but we also help reintegrate returning players and bring the up to speed on any changes they may have missed. We have strong PvP activity as well as support for all of your ISK-making ventures, from abyssal and invasions to traditional science and industry.

Check out our ad below for more information about us and come join us on discord for a chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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Hello Wyatt!!

We have it all Mining, PVE and PVP!! Endless Possibilities!

Check us Out!

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