Returner Newb Looking for a Home/Direction

Well about me out of game, I am zero drama, wanna learn, drink beer and laugh with out eve being a job. I like to 4x4, shoot guns, drink beer, game and take walks on the beach. I have kids and kid sports and a life so what ever corp def needs to get down with that.

In game I usually run fairly active US TZ Evenings west coast ish. am looking for some fun making isk and help in finding a direction for this char, I currently have 8 mil exp all of it in rock punching. I can fly barges and a hauler and have some drone skills past that im virgin clay in the right hands.

Hope to hear from ya’ll

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if youd like to chat hit me up on here or in game i can help give you some directive

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Are you interested in Nullsec//Lowsec or Highsec?

Take a look at Geo-Tech Industries? We have daily moons for moon mining, 56% base reprocess rate, our own production station, close to level 4 agents and 68 people in corp at last count. Also, we are very low key and while we have daily fleets and a sunday op, nothing is mandatory and your RL schedule is more important. We are a bit light on the US TZ but if you play later into west coast time our EU people start to come on.

Join Geo-Tech Recruitment in game for a chat and invite. Hope to hear from you!

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We are in your boat Good Ser. We get RL-first, cause we are RL-first. However, when we game, we GAME. Come have a chat.

RCJT - Right Click Jump To

In-game Pub: Right Click Jump Pub

Who We Are: [RCJT] Fc, what do? - Right Click Jump To!

How We Do:

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Sorry, i didnt respond sooner I only about 8m SP so not sure null is the place I am pretty much a pure Care Bear

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Check us out

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I’m going to email you ingame! Talk to you shortly.

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