Returning 2008 Player w/3 Accounts Looking for Small but Growing Corp

Player from 2008 back on after a couple years off. I watched Going South on YouTube, and that motivated me to get back in. Ironically though, I was never much for PvP. I like the idea of it. I just spent too much time mining and building stuff. So, I suck at PvP.

Anyway, me and my other two accounts are back in Aridia, lowsec mining, PI’ing and ratting. We had a few POS’ the last time I played and I’m looking to reestablish a decent sized lowsec mining operation.

I am interested in:

  • A small-to-mid sized, growing Hisec Corp that is currently more PvP/PvE focused, but looking to establish a division for mining and possibly production while adding Lowsec to their area of operations.
  • Ideally US PST based but not that important. I can discuss with you my availability.
  • A CEO who has the vision and desire to eventually join a nullsec alliance (if you haven’t already).
  • A casual corporate culture that appreciates what everyone brings to the team. Someone who knows what ‘praise in public, discipline in private’ means.

Ideally, I would like to eventually work my way into a position where I could either lead up the mining/production efforts or serve as a mentor/team leader for lowsec and eventually nullsec/wh miners.

Let’s chat.

Email sent in game o/

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