Returning 38 mil SP miner

I’ve been in and out of game since the beginning and at one time or another I’ve done most everything. I’m looking for a US based corp that has daily mining ops that I can join in on. I probably won’t be on every day, but when I am I want to mine and chat with my fellow miners. I’m currently Alpha and using a Venture but once I can afford to buy plex with isk I’ll be omega and can fly a Orca or any other miner. I can do planetary, moon, ice etc. Drop me a line with a with contact info and any questions.

Welcome back to the game! I too find myself coming and going with Eve. But Ive recently found that playing with the right group is absolutely essential! I’m a recruiter with ‘Zero Reps Given’ and were a null-sec corp under the Pandemic Horde alliance. We are a smaller, laid back, family-esque corp that fits everyone’s style of gameplay. We have daily mining ops in our pocket systems are could benefit from having a few extra miners! I recently started mining myself and I too am apart of these mining ops now. Our corp also offers buyback programs so you wont have any issues moving all the ore you mine! Wed like to give you the opportunity to fly with us. You can find us in game, message me in-game, or join our Discord at: Zero Reps Given

Happy flying!