Returning after a very long break

Good day all

Basically I am a fairly old school player (Started 2005) returning to the game after 6 years away. My char is 120m sp basically all geared towards Pvp and can fly most Pvp ships up to Capital. What I am look for is a small to mid scale pvp corp, I’m not particularly interested in big 0.0 super fights I prefer smaller scale pvp. Im 36 years old so looking for a corp suited to someone of my age, I’m not interested in spaceship drama and I am fairly laid back. I am EU tz also, I dont have any current alt characters active and that wont change unless I find myself really enjoying the game again.

If there is any corps out there who are willing to give a rusty old pilot a chance to get back in the game that would be hugely appreciated.

Hi there Prez and welcome back to New Eden! Any interest in seeing how the finale to the TRIGLAVIAN INVASION plays out?

If a mix of small gang PvP with some lucrative PvE sounds interesting, I’ve got a great opportunity for you.

Join the Stribog Kybernaut Subclade
ム Fight for the Triglavian Collective
ム Fly with experienced FCs
ム Destroy your foes in epic fleet combat
ム Join daily PvE and PvP fleets
ム NewBro Training for PvE and PvP

The Stribog Kybernaut Subclade is recruiting members of all skill levels and vocations, in all three time zones. We provide training and opportunity for both PvP and PvE content, easy ISK making opportunities in systems controlled by the Triglavian Collective, and run active daily fleets. It’s a great community with a large number of experienced FCs and dedicated players.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game and join the Discord:

If you aren’t looking to join a corporation at this time, you can always join the in-game channel “The Triglavian Community”. We run daily public fleets in the invasion systems and have a very large and active public discord.

Hope to fly with you in The Domain of Bujan

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Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

We are a PvP focused corporation which operates as a tight knit tactical combat group. Using our in-house doctrines we aim to enable our members to increase their combat capabilities whilst also providing a fun environment to play in.

We expect applicants to show similar ambitions.


We are a member of Shadow Cartel alliance based in Essence region.


We take the view that PvP can take place anywhere so place no limits on where we find content. With our extensive WH system and recon group we are able to find rich content areas throughout Eve including low sec, null sec and WH space.


Small to medium fleets generally are just more rewarding. You become an integral part of your fleet and actually play a part in its success to a much larger degree. This provides a greater thrill and sense of achievement.


No Mandatory fleets bashing citadels or waiting on timers ending in blueballs.
No Blob fleets with tidi where pilots are just F1 pushers.
No Being part of the blue donut where 50% of the map is blue.


  • Experienced and stable leadership
  • Tight-knit friendly community
  • Small to medium sized fleets with a variety of PvP styles
  • Great corp and alliance FCs
  • Experienced and helpful combat pilots
  • No drama


  • Frequent PvP fleets
  • A community focused on teamwork
  • Alliance and Corp Ship Replacement Program
  • Corp fleets including nano roams, wormhole hunting, blops and sniper camps
  • Great logistics to help you get what you want where you need it
  • FC Program


  • Team player
  • Voice comms (Teamspeak)
  • Discord, Slack
  • EU Timezone
  • Self sufficient


Yamagata Syndicate Killboard


Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

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Yo m8, a comunity on the good side of the law…

We are interested in you mate , come and join our discord for a chat.

Hi Prez21, Hope you are doing well today. I know I am coming in a bit late on this thread but I still wanted to share with you what our corp offers our members.

  1. We offer sign on bonuses to corp members who stick around for the long term in the form of plex or isk. Corporation Tenure Rewards Guidelines
  2. We have fast and free JF services that do hauls as needed.
  3. Daily alliance level PvP Securtiy, Roams, and Hot Drop fleets.
  4. Free replacement pvp ships for active members.
  5. We pay you for every PvP kill or assist you make and also for flying in alliance fleet ops! - Bounty Program and SRP and Fleet Payment Guidelines
  6. Additional corp SRP pay out on top of alliance SRP for any losses that occur while in alliance mining or pvp fleets.
  7. Finally Fly when you want to and dock when you don’t there are no requirements for attending fleets / ops.

If you would like to know more message or mail Rockius or Greenhorns in game and we will get back with you ASAP.

Hey there - JREX is recruiting: PVP, Null, Stuff.

Would you like to know more? Come talk on comms and BS in our Discord Pub channels.

hi welcome back check this out.

NADSC is focused on small gang roaming and having fun.

Hey @Prez21

If you’re interested in a medium sized sov alliance our corp Embark may be a good fit for you. We’re a pvp corp in the alliance Triumvirate which has sov in Cloud Ring. While our corp is mainly active in US TZ our alliance is primarily EU TZ and as such there are always people around and active. We’re a mature group without drama and we all try to help each other out when we can.

Check out our forum post and join our in game channel to have a chat with us.

You still looking?

o/ oldtimer give us a sign and lets have a chat ,we are recruiting on discord or ingame Dragon. Recruiting Members

Rabid Care Bears is currently recruiting new members. We have a core group of members who have been around 10+ years. We are a laid back fun bunch that puts real life first. We all know people have families and jobs. We are mostly US based at the moment and are trying to expand to all time zones. While our corp is mostly Indy at heart we are not afraid to fight. We are looking for pilots of all areas. We like in a nice section of null we with our alliance and we are surrounded by lots of blues. This makes it nice for our miners and ratters. We have access to many full leveled systems with ore anoms for our miners and combat sites for our cap/super ratters. We also have lots for our pvp pilots to do. We have a very active home defense fleet as well as access to many small and large pilot fleets. We are looking for like minded individuals to come fly with us and enjoy the game.

What we can offer:


-very friendly helpful laid back community that allows you to enjoy the game as you please

-lots of access to null sec

-mining fleets with bonuses

-ore/salvage buy back program

  • training fleets

-pvp roams large and small scale

-leveled systems for mining and ratting

  • alliance jump freighter service


-omega account

  • discord and mumble for coms

We are excited to hear from you. Please contact me in game via evemail at Rorianis. I have regular access to this even when not it game so I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also join the RCB Recruitment channel in game and speak to a recruitment officer. Fly safe and we look forward to you hopefully joining our eve family.

Are you cold and lonely?

Look no further! Here at D-Sync we will give you the recognition you deserve and take you under our wing to make you the superhero you deserve to be!

Who we are:
D-Sync is a relatively new PVP focused corp with many veteran players who have been around eve since the beginning of time. Our player base is mainly EU although we do have some token US guys in the ranks. We base out of the mysterious Thera worm hole system with PVP on tap.
We enjoy small to medium size roams across all of New Eden wherever our holes or filaments take us.
We have an absolute blast on coms which at times can be ridiculously funny. If pew and laughter is what you are after, then look no further!

Working mic & English speaking
Good activity
Willing to take part and be part of a team
Thick skinned - you must be able to take a joke!
25 mil SP minimum

What we offer:
Regular roams
Corp issue & contract ships
Doctrine gangs
Daily hilarity

Our Killboard:
Public Channel: D-sync

Come join our public channel and have a chat, see you in space!

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