Returning after long hiatus looking for UK mining/Industrial and exploration Corp

Havent played in a few years, looking to ease back in with a mature and chilled corp but with regular mining ops. I like exploring null sec data and relic sites. I have over 10 mil skill points and I can fly exhumers and cover ops. I currently reside in Gallante space near the Sing laison and The Citidel, would prefer not to travel too far but im open to moving if I find the right corp. Please message me in game if you think il be a good fit and feel free to ask me any questions if i missed something. Thank you.

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We arent too far from you mate. Have a look at us. We like to do all things eve and have a laugh on comms while we do it. Industry, PVE and PVP in all of New Eden.
Recruitment Post

hello mate . i too am from england . and i wanted to show you our large friendly and active corp

Extremely Active, Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy - EU/US/AU TZ you would be very welcome

We can accommodate you with what you want to do in game come have a chat with us in game.

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