Returning EU Player 115m sp & Alts

Hello, I have been gone for about 5-6 years. Been back a few weeks and having fun learning how bad I am bad at this game now.

Small to medium sized fleets were what I used to do a lot with

Looking for a sov holding null sec alliance. I want to make some isk and learn some pvp again. So an area to do that would be nice, along with some corp mates that are into PVP.

I have 2 cap ready characters and a JF alt to help with logistics. I have isk to jump into fleet doctrines from the moment I land. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading.

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Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.

Hi @a51_duke1406

We’re and EUTZ PVP focussed corp and part of Triumvirate. We basicaly do exactly what you’ve mentioned > high end PVP with good null sec for ISK making etc. Lots of fleets and action


Come for a chat:

Why don’t you give us a peek I think we might be a good fit for you

Come lead us to victory!

RezCo Is a proud member of Razor Alliance! We are currently recruiting and it sounds like you might be interested in us. We are primarily a pvp corp but we do a bit of everything. Mostly causing salt and collecting corpses ;p Here is a link to our recruitment video

What we offer:

    Active Voice Chat and a Community.
    Ore Buyback Programme so you don’t have look far to Finance your PVP.
    Daily fleets.
    Friendly Environment to learn PVP for those pilots who are interested but don’t have the most practice.
    Coalition Fleets.
    Small Gang Roams
    Organised Fleets with Experienced FC’s.
    Corp Funded Capital Programme (Details available upon request).

You can expect relaxed leadership, minimal CTAs, plenty of space for ratting and mining and help with logistics, we in REZCO like to think we’re a bit different from the rest, we’re all about having fun, do you want to Leeroy a Dreadnaught into an enemy fleet in an attempt to hero tackle the points/dictors pinning down friendlies? Being able to whelp ships and not worry about the repercussions? That’s us, we’re all about “fun” a strange concept in Eve Online these days.

Aside from the jokes and the laughs, there’s plenty of people to offer help and advice if requested, if you’re looking for a bunch of chill pilots, without the drama, we’re perfect for you.

If you are interested join RezCo Public channel ingame, or you can message me via discord if easier PsaiWi Nenothu#3543

Drop by and say hello. If you’ve nothing against Imperium then give us a tinkle, and we can chat about what we can offer each other.

That’s our add on here which will give you an overview.

Have you considered WHs? A lot more small/medium fleets, less blobby bullshi*t.

Welcome back - many of our own corp (myself included) are Eve lifers who have an on again off again affair with this game and have only recently returned.

We are a corporation based deep in a null alliance with several big name corps in the coalition. We ourselves are a small, close knit and active group that is actively looking to grow and find a name for ourselves. We have frequent fleet op opportunities of all shapes and sizes. We span several time zones and our greater alliance has enough members that there is always something going on. Several of us dabble in wormhole ops, and we also have a sister corporation insulated from war decs based in high sec. So we have a lot to offer.

Our name is Six Lions Incorporated, if you’d like to learn more please check us out

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