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Who is Eve Defence Force?

We are one of the oldest corporations still around in Eve today, having formed back in 2003. veterans of many wars, and founders of Draccous Station for which all Amarr Faction Fortizars are based.

What do we do?

Eve Defence Force embraces the holy trinity of warfare. Money, logistics and combat. Whether its Rorqual or Mining, Super ratting, both will be afforded a rescue should you get tackled, allowing you to safely make ISK. If you need ships, they’re provided fully fitted on contracts for you, but if you need an item unavailable on the local markets, our logistics service will ship it from Jita.

Above all, we roam each and every night, we have almost daily home defence and regular Strat Ops and that’s during peace time. At times of war, expect CTAs thrown into the mix there. Chances to use your big shinies will never be in short supply, and even if you’re blue balled - and we all know it happens - you can still expect a roam to be taken out afterwards. We want the corp to be a fun, engaging place for you to pursue your Eve habbit.

So what do we want from you?

  • Regular activity.
  • Be able to fly either a Dread or an Apostle, and be willing to train the one of those you can’t fly.
  • Be capable of flying a variety of ships.

Activity is measured as a minimum of ten fleets per month, including roams.

Bonus points if you can fly any of the following:

  • Super
  • Titan
  • Logistics (all races)
  • Links

In return, we will offer you:

  • Daily Null/Low Sec roaming.
  • Regular wars.
  • Opportunities to use Capital ships/Supers.
  • Reimbursement on losses and on Cap fuel use.
  • RL > Eve atmosphere - so long as you meet your requirements.
  • Fitted ships on contjract.
  • Rorqual rescue if tackled (subject to caveats).
  • Internal Jump Freighter service.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with us. You can either:

  • Join our in-game channel The EDF Bar
  • Jump on our discord (use your Eve character name).
  • Contact us through Facebook (Tell us your character name).
  • Or just reply here and we’ll contact you directly.

Killboard is here.

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Pews to be had! join up :smiley:

We are looking to grow guys and gals!
Loads of content and a very stable old corp full of mature members

Hop into our ingame channel or discord today!

We’re in the middle of a campaign right now which means lots of pewpew ranging from roams to major fleets. If you can fly a Cap, get in touch.

Our corp is so active that the head of the coalition ordered our lead FC to take a break. Join EDF and you’ll never want for combat.

Bump! We love to get new members in.

Still hiring. Plenty of stuff to do, there is always something new in Eve - it’s all about the right company for your trip. Join to fly with us!

Still looking for new members.

Still looking!:nerd_face:

PVP, PVE, moons, SRP, we got it all!

At the risk of being rude, please do not contact us for recruitment unless you meet our requirements. We will not be taking people on at this time who do not meet them. If you are under a month from those requirements then we can be flexible. Thank you.

Isnt summer the best time to join up? it sure is!