25m SP PvEer / Miner - US TZ

I’ve been playing for about a year now in a high sec corporation. I do mostly PvE activity, but it has unfortunately been almost exclusively a solo game. I am very interested in being able to do the more group based PvE activities (like ECs). It’s been extremely difficult to participate any PvE activities in my corp (mostly since they are mostly not in my TZ). So here I am, looking for a new corp.

Side note, I am interested in PvP, but have almost 0 experience on that end.

Usually playing during EST evening time.

Hi @Arcturus_Halcyon,

Most of the group activities are done in Low-Sec and Null-Sec. I understand you don’t have much PvP experience, but if you are willing to learn, we are a very active group based out of Low-Sec. Take a look at our ad and join us on discord if you are interested in talking to a recruiter.

Welcome back to Eve! If you are looking for a bit of PVP fun mixed with LOTS of isk making potential, why not consider Eve Defence Force? We’re EU / US split so plenty of room for fun of all sorts, and a great group of guys and gals to make your experience a great one.

Corporation 1 are looking for players like you - we are a startup corp with mainly returning players (plus me as a newb). Most of us mine to a greater or lesser extent and I enjoy ratting so will be taking on ec’s as soon as I have a battleship!

Have a look at our thread on here or send me a message. While we are mainly EUTZ we do have US members and I am around at odd UK times!

Fly safe!


Would love to have you aboard. My corp has similar in game experience as you so you won’t feel out of place with long time players. My Alliance is packed full of awesome veterans who are fun to play with, happy to teach, and approachable. We are US TZ. Check out my post here: "We want to salvage your wreck", PvP focused yet varieties of activities

In-game channel: Salvage Cr3w
Discord: https://discord.gg/K96JA6c

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