Eve Defence Force [Imperium]

Who is Eve Defence Force?

We are one of the oldest corporations still around in Eve today, having formed back in 2003. veterans of many wars, and founders of Draccous Station for which all Amarr Faction Fortizars are based.

What do we do?

Eve Defence Force is a nullsec corporation that takes advantage of all that being part of a large bloc has to offer. If you need ships, they’re provided fully fitted on contracts for you, if you need an item unavailable on the local markets, our logistics service will ship it from Empire. We have daily PvP, mining opportunities, and a market that’s always looking for more traders to ply their wares on, as well as chances to use your Caps and Supers.

So what do we want from you?

  • Regular activity.
  • A willingness to be on TS.
  • Be able to fly a Ferox.
  • Be willing to get on a minimum of 2 fleets per month.

Activity is measured as a minimum of ten fleets per month, including roams.

In return, we will offer you:

  • Daily PvP.
  • A family first environment (this is a game after all.
  • Opportunities to use Capital ships/Supers.
  • Alliance SRP.
  • Corp Cap Fuel SRP.
  • Corp & Alliance Discords.
  • Fitted ships on contract.
  • Internal Jump Freighter service.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

First of all go to www.eve-hr.com/EDF answer the three short questions and hit apply. This is so we can do the ESI checks. Then either:

  • Join our in-game channel The EDF Bar
  • Jump on our discord (use your Eve character name) and type !apply to ping a recruiter.

Killboard is here.

Great bunch of pilots in EDF - have had some great fights since I joined (especially the last 13 months!) and there always seems to be fleets available across all TZ’s

We are recruiting on all time zones. If you can fly a bomber you will get on a lot of fleets and yes, some of those will be structure bashing, that’s Eve for you. But we also try our best to find you something to kill. That’s Imperium for you.

Come join us as we cleanse the universe of TEST and friends! We’ve got something for everyone, and the isk making is starting to ramp up if you have dreams of space riches. Join TheEDFBar in game or find us on Discord!

Recruitment is still open! Find us in game or on the discord link above!

Lots of ops to join, lots of variety to engage with. Contact us above.

Looking for a new corp on this glorious Saturday? Check us out - head to our Discord page or find us in game to have a chat today!

Still looking for good people to join the good fights and good times…

Hi. Whatever your EVE interests & specialities are; EDF welcomes you :slight_smile:

Looking for a corp this Sunday? Come check out EDF! Find us on Discord or in game!

We’re recruiting on all time zones.

Come join us in EDF - we can be found in game in TheEDFBar or on Discord at Eve Defence Force

If you are reading this, join channel TheEDFBar in game.

Please bear in mind we’re rebuilding after the war so things are slow as we build up our space and infrastructure again, which is a perfect time for you to join and get to know us without having to worry about fleets every two minutes.

Drop by in our in-game channel TheEDFBar!

Join us on Discord and find out about what Eve Defence Force has to offer to veteran PVP pilots!

Are you a veteran looking for your next corp? Come check us out in game or on Discord and find out what we have to offer!

We now have space you can make ISK in and there are still plenty of fleets to join that don’t involve structure bashing.

Woot Woot

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