Eve Defence Force [Imperium]

Sylvania made me do it.

Right now things are a bit slow as we’re in rebuilding mode after the war. 13 months of wallet bleed means we need to spend a little time filling it up. So now is the best time to join, get to know everyone and prepare for a ramping up of combat ops in the near future.

doing the funkie bump

The Humpty bump

We’re pretty chill and are in a good position for some small gang pvp with industry on the side.

good pew here

Right now we’re in a rebuilding phase after the war so you get to chill out, make some money and get to know us. But there is still PvP to be had so don’t be fooled by the killboard. It’s a choice right now, not a drought.

Interested in contributing to a larger goal? We have some fun group projects and activities going on now! We have the best of all worlds available - great industry, great market stocking opportunities, great PVP, and great PVE fun. Come visit us on Discord and let’s chat about what you’re looking for in Eve!

Join now…or we have have to work all day in the salt mines…

Were you a PAPI member during the war but now disillusioned at your former coalition? Come and join us in the sunny Imperium!

Right now we’re also in the middle of a great corp project to build our coffers and grow richer together. Bring your strengths and come join us in game at TheEDFBar or at our discord!

We are still recruiting! Are you a PVPer who dabbles in industry in the USTZ? Even better! Come and join me in TheEDFBar in game or our Discord page for more info!

Sitting around on a Thursday night bored and in need of a new corp? Come chat with me in game at TheEDFBar!

We also welcome anybody who wants to discuss Squid Game with me to come and join us on Discord or in TheEDFBar in game!

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bump the jump over the hump

Happy Monday USTZ! If you’re looking for a corp, join us in TheEDFBar and let’s talk about PVP!

PvP is now resuming. Join us if you want daily PvP.

Lots of fleets to get on, relative peace to make money in, now’s a great time to join.

Still recruiting.

Roams every night in a multitude of time zones.