Eve Defence Force [Imperium]

We’re doing our part. Would you like to know more?

Fleets now going out every night. Small stuff, not CTAs. Join, chill out, make some isk, get on some fleets, have fun with a corp that recognises this is a game, not a second job.

Make Christmas come early, join Eve Defence Force.

We’re busy preparing for Christmas but we are still recruiting, we have daily PvP, and our space is fully upgraded for making money in. You can also pick where you want to make money across most of Imperium space so if you don’t like Fountain, don’t worry.

Still recruiting and some changes made to entry requirements.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. We are still recruiting, and we have plenty of PvP on offer, and no shortage of PvE opportunities, whether it’s mining, building or other.

Holidays are over and I’m back.

Get in touch, or leave a reply here if you’re looking for a corp. As a member of I mperium we’ve a lot to offer in PvP and PvE opportunities.

We’re gearing up again for the new year.

Come chat with us on discord or in game at ‘TheEDFBar’ if you’re looking for new PVE & PVP opportunities.

Opportunities are available for most playstyles.

Daily activity of a variety of kinds available for people to engage with. Give us a holla if you’re looking for a new corp. We might just have what you’re looking for.

We are, as ever, recruiting but please be aware that the recruitment team and myself have real lives and it may take more than a day to get back in touch with you. Best thing to do is jump on our discord and say hello.