Eve Defence Force [Imperium]

Cup final win reminder that we’re still recruiting.

We now have started a PvP campaign. We can guarantee fleets, we cannot guarantee they’ll fight us. It’s Eve, you know how it goes, so please take the killboard with a pinch of salt.

Still recruiting, and if you pop on our discord and there’s no recruiter around, stay on please, we’ll get to you as soon as we log on. Thanks.

Looking for members. We have PvP content, and moon mining program available to anyone that wants to mine them, as well as upgraded space and several dedicated isk-making special interest groups. If you want to PvP, and/or be a part time industrialist, we have opportunities available for you.

We have PvP content throughout the day for those looking for something to do on off hours.

We have now deployed and have PvP fleets going out every hour in most time zones.

Get in touch via discord if you want PvP within an hour of you logging in. If you prefer to mine we do have a generous moon program where you pay a reasonable tax on mining high end moons.

We are still recruiting.

We’ve amended the main post with skill point requirements. Unfortunately we’re not currently equipped to train new players. If you are one you would be better served applying to a training school.

I’m away for a week but we have a recruitment team ready to handle your application. Our deployment is also a lot of fun with fleets every hour and usually limited to small-to-mid sized fleets. Not a blob in sight.

When entering our discord, please change your name to match your main character name. Cheers.

Great bunch been with them a few weeks now, chilled out and no dramas, come join us and have some fun :slight_smile:

Busy times at the moment, helping our Imperium allies in Feyth.

Come join the fun and fights - chat with us on discord or in game at ‘TheEDFBar’ if you’re looking for new PVE & PVP opportunities

Eve Defence Force is always recruiting for PVPers who wanna live forever and blap everything in sight! Come join our Discord or join us in game at TheEDFBar if you want to learn more and also reference Starship Troopers every five seconds.

Looking for a corp to brighten your weekend? Come join us in game at TheEDFBar!

You know, timing can’t always be great, but EDF is still recruiting! Come and meet us on our discord and let’s talk to you about why we love PVP and anyone who wants to pew pew with us. Check out those juicy kills on our killboard! Eve Defence Force | Corporation | zKillboard

Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend? What’s better on a weekend than getting into some great PVP fleets with some great people working together across the EU and US timezones? Our in game channel and Discord are linked above. We’re excited to chat with you!

After the alliance disbanding, we’re now in our new one and recruiting once more.

Our coalition deployment has a lot of fleets, usually one an hour. Yeterday was particularly busy and we had several per hour. Expect to be busy if you join, if PvP is your thing.

We’re settling in our new home and looking for PVP pilots across all time zones - lots of nice kills to be had in our current deployment!

Chat with us in game at TheEDFBar or join us on our Discord at Eve Defence Force

On top of the daily coalition ops for the deployment we also have scheduled alliance ops of a weekend.