Returning Pilot lf new home

Im Returning pilot playing in EU TZ . Im interested in corporation doing all kind of activities. I dont like mandatory stuff and also very big fights aren’t my interest, My ideal new corp could do team abyss frigates and destroyers for income and small gang pvp . My main toon have around 70-80mil sp i have some alts but due to losing my items in wormhole space im not gona plex em rn and im gona fly rather cheap until i stand back on my legs again. Forgive me for my rather bad english.
Hoping for replies
Enkidou Isimazu

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Hi Enkidou,

I think we have a fantastic home waiting for you in Guns. We are super RL friendly so no compulsory activity (tho encouraged on home defense timers), we have quite a bit of small gang action locally as well. We have a decent EUTZ, but not so much that you will get drowned out on comms

Check out or ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

established WH corp C4-C3/C5 Looking for a few more good pilots.

Come check us out. We’ve a strong Euro and US TZ in corp.

Hi Enkidou,
please check us out at Infinite Point. We’re a well-established nullsec pvp corp, with sister indy and HS corps. We’re doing quite a bit of small-med gang pvp and offer full srp for any of our corp ops, plus rewards at the end of each month for our best pvp and logi pilots as well as our FCs.
I’d be happy to provide more details, please either drop me a message or hop onto our discord server and grab one of our HR gents or recruiters:

Looking forward to chat :slight_smile:

I found a corp
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We are currently in the build phase of the corp but worth a look if you interested.

Hi there m8

I think you would fit nicely in our corp.

if you want to know what we can offer just make sure to check our post below


we are a smaller tightnit group located out in scalding pass. we do a little of everything from pvp to indy/minning. join our discord and see we are a fit for ya.

Eve Forum Post: Hydra Eternal - PvP and Industry - EU timezone

CEO - Nakito Kobara (Discord: Nakito Kobara#6850)
Co-CEO - Jordan Cesaill (Discord: Jordan Cesaill#6820)
Recruitment - Trinitilie Key (Discord: Sylvaritius#3017)

Discord: Join our discord!


We are the Ruthless Regiment.

We are a growing community of pilots, looking for likeminded people who want to help develop a larger community that will engage in activities such as PVP, PVE, Mining and other activities we can do as a community including non EVE Online games, ultimately our intention is to make lasting friendships, have fun and rake in that isk!

As a part of the community we ask:

  • Be on Comm’s when online
  • Get involved in Corporation and Alliance fleets
  • A sense of humour! No Drama Lamas!!

We have:

  • Regular Alliance Fleets
  • Angel Rats
  • Moon Mining
  • Rorqual Mining Opportunities
  • Capital Ratting Opportunities
  • Alliance lvl Freight Services Jita to HQ

Got Questions? Join Our Discord

Speak Soon o7

Join Our Discord: Ruthless Regiment
Ingame Channel: Ruthless-Rec

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