Returning Pilot Looking For a Home

Looking at getting back into the game if I can find the right fit. I like long flights on the edge of space and drinking in front of concord. First date preference would be a nice salty tears dinner at a fancy gate camp or roam followed up by dank memes. Cant go wrong with keeping it simple.

Joking aside, I’ve made some lifelong friends and great memories in New Eden and would like to find that camaraderie again if possible. Those I flew with have left the game, so here I am. Currently sitting at 31m SP with experience in Null, WH, and lowsec space with lowsec being the most prevalent.

Not interested in being an elitist or the best. Real life first. I’m US CST, late nights mostly. I prefer small, close knit corps where everyone knows each other.


Hey there, we at Drankengard are currently on a recruitment drive to bolster our ustz, the alliance we are in (Shattered foundations) is active though mostly eu tz… admittedly likely not exactly what your looking for at this moment in time but we are working towards that goal.

Most of the people i started with in 2007 have left the game too so i know how ya feel btw!!

Good luck in your search otherwise and remember, at the very least; we didnt lie to you by sugar coating our ads!! :smiley:

I’m always open to checking it out. From what I can tell you guys live in J space? That’s actually where I was last before ending up back in lowsec. Do you have active US TZ pilots? One of the main reasons I’m back in low is due to lack of active pilots on to keep up with Sig’s and tripwire updates. Got burned out. However I was also helping run the Corp at the time and was new to WH life, so doing a lot of maintenance every day.

Depending on how late you play, we might be a good fit for you. Our USTZ is typically active from 6PM - 11PM EST. Very tight knit group PvP group.

Yeh we basically live in a c2 with c3 and highsec static, I’m actually eu tz but we have a couple of friends that are ustz - i really couldnt say how active it is over that time as im usually asleep maybe an hour or two after they log in (weekdays at least)
The ceo of this corp (I am helping him to recruit) logs in every other day and updates sigs and some others pass over into that tz; the eu tz updates every day 2 or 3 times and we often roll too.
We are a little light in the ustz but ‘‘a little light’’ is also subjective, we are all in all a small alliance with no rel design on having lots of people online all the time, prefering solo and microgang content with occasional small gang but no blobstuffs.
I also (on my other toon) try to guide/train alliance members into pvp, scouting and so on as and when i can though sometimes i put up a planned op.

Hey man, We are a small gang c2 corporation. we do mostly small gang pvp. all are US TZ with many of us, (including myself) in the central TZ.
We would like to talk with you if you have a second.


In game mail coming your way :smiley:

Hi @Vulkmar_Grimm

Welcome back to EVE! If you’re interested in returning to lowsec our corp Filthy Peasants may be a good fit for you.

We’re a US TZ lowsec pvp corp that lives in the Placid region. We’re a casual RL-first group that loves to pvp and we do everything from gate camps, roams, blops drops, capital hunting, and the occasional structure timer.

Check out our forum post below and if you’d like to know more join our public channel Open Filth in game to have a chat with us.

As I see, there’s already a lot of competition here :smiley: But if you haven’t decided yet, maybe you want to consider us as well. Right now we actually have a stronger US than EU-TZ. We’re mostly active on weekends when it comes to PvP, but I think you’ll get a better picture of us through this post [CANDY]Stranger Danger is recruiting. C5/C5 Space
and maybe joining one of our public channels :slight_smile: Hope to see you soon


TDSIN is one of oldest and biggest PVP corps in WH Space, we live out of a C5-C5 WH which gives us all content we need.
Hunting and clashing with other wormholers Constantly!

  • We offer a fantastic community.
  • Massive fleet activity
  • Ship SRP
  • Exciting OPS
  • Farmhole empire
  • Dedicated training team
  • IRL meetups.
  • Discord/TS

Come check us out in.
TDSIN Recruitment ingame

Regards o7
Furu Bonehead
TDSIN Recruitment

Hey come chat with us!
Running With Wolves [.PACK] Triumvirate. [TRI]

What We Offer:
-PvP Mindset
-Daily PvP Content
-Capital Use/Escalations
-Endless ISK Printing [Mining/Ratting]
-Alliance Wide SRP

-1st account Sub-Caps [Loki/Nightmare/HAC’s]
-2nd account [Sabre/Boosher/FAX/Dread/] *More the better
-ESI Check on ALL accounts

Want to join or find out more information. Jump on our discord

Always nice to see returning players. I’m looking to recruit more US TZ people to help with the little gap we have. if you’re interested in us give us a shout in our public discord: Discord

If you want to learn a bit more about us here’s our recruitment post:

and our killboard:

Black Omega Security | Corporation | zKillboard

Vulkmar, good evening.

Currently Eve is taking a massive dump so unfortunately I am not in our public channel to chat. I’ve been kicked out three times this past hour…

Anywho, down to business. N0MEX: Last year we lost the first Keepstar in Low Class Space to a combine force of LZHKS, Inner Hell and Hard Knocks. Then they finished off the rest of our structures and emptied our C2. So now we’ve decided were going to go to High Class space, recruit and go on a bit of a PvP spree like we used to in Low Class space.

Swing by our recruitment post to see how things run. We are 100% RL first. If you like what you see, hit me or another recruiter up.

Stay classy!

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Nice name btw… GriMM HounDs are recruiting new bros we are USTZ and RL 1st. We would love to have a chat with you.

Look me up in game,


Hay bud we a small pvp corp eu/usa
If you looking for pvp soon as I join back with my alliance you will have more targets that you can shake a stick at with over 100 war dec on iv only drop out so I can get more member to do more pvp opp so if your interest drop me message in the meantime check out FAQ also there is a link to or discord channel

Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.