N0MEX: Going High class

Anomalous Existence is one of the oldest low class wormhole corps in EVE and has forever been mandated with Low Class space:

No more.

N0MEX is going high class.

Set up in a no effect C5 with a C5 static, N0MEX is recruiting.

With a rich history spanning back to the founding days of wormhole space, N0MEX leadership comes from all walks of wormhole life and we welcome you to join us in our new venture.


  • T2 tank modules for both shields and armour.
  • Good core and support skills.
  • Astrometrics IV with high scanning support skills.
  • Logi IV minimum. (Willing to train to V quickly).
  • Able to fly at least 2 ships from each of our three main doctrines. (Logi Included as a second ship).
  • An ability to be somewhat self sufficient with ISK.
  • Headset with Microphone.
  • Able to install and use TS3 and Slack (if you haven’t already).
  • A useful alt:
    • Scanning alt.
    • Sabre alt.
    • Logi alt.

Bonus skills:

  • Dread / Triage alt.
  • FC experience.
  • Command Ships V.

What can we offer:

  • Dedicated self-hosted Teamspeak, Pathfinder and Slack servers.
  • PvP content.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Tailored doctrines to suit different occasions.
  • A place to grow and call home.
  • Experienced players. So even if you have never lived in wormhole space, you’ll be fine.
  • A community. We are a close knit group of people who enjoy not only Eve.

Join us in our public channel: “Spin Public” or speak with any of our online recruiters.

USTZ: Tegan Nolen, Seraph Essael.

EUTZ: Seraph Essael.

Feel free to also come by our recruitment discord to chat with us about anything.

USTZ recruitment push.

Recruitment going ahead as normal, due to our inability to get in game due to DDoS, we have opened a small discord server. Come chat with us there:

USTZ recruitment drive. Swing by “Spin Public” if you can get online. If not pop in to our recruitment discord.

EU Timezone recruitment. Will be looking for people in late EU (6pm Eve Time onwards).

USTZ recruitment push. Pop by our Discord for a chat. Rebuilding in our C5.

People have Dread ALTS? That is hardcore.

Connectivity to servers are somewhat more so at the moment. Time to push for some more USTZ people.

Recruitment push for late EU / USTZ… Join Discord and have a chat!

Recruitment open. Swing by Spin Public or join our discord.

Late EU / Early USTZ recruitment. Come say hello.

USTZ Recruitment push. Swing by the Discord and / or our public channel and have a chat.

Come chat in the discord or public channel with us.

Another USTZ recruitment push. Swing by the pub channel or Discord.

Recruitment push for USTZ. Come hit us up in our pub channel.

USTZ recruitment open.

Some more recruiting for USTZ people.

Great little scrap last night. Recruiting for USTZ!

Been busy over the past couple of days. Bumping for USTZ recruitment.

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