[US/EU] Voidlings [C2 -> HS/C3] Is Recruiting

We are Voidlings, a growing, low-class wormhole (C2 → HS/C3) PVP focused corporation. Are you an EVE veteran tired of stagnation and overpopulation in nullsec? Are you an ambitious newbro looking to join a close-knit, experienced, and active corporation where your contributions matter and are recognized? Do you want opportunities for action and profit on your doorstep daily? Then Voidlings is the corporation for you!

About Us:
• C2 wormhole based with HS and C3 statics, never far from action or a trade hub!
• Plans for expansion into higher class wormhole space upon expanding our membership and resources
• Primarily wormhole PVP focused with a lean towards exploration
• Discord for communications, updates, and general conversation
• Well maintained Tripwire to help navigate our chain
• US/EU based, particularly looking to expand USTZ participation

What we offer:
• Community - Friendly and supportive community with someone always willing to lend a hand or give advice
• Small Gang PVP - Frequent small gang roams through Low, Null, and WH space
• Mid Scale Fleet PVP - Large, organized fleet actions including evictions with profits shared equitably to participants and occasional action with our larger real space allies
• Scouting Incentives - Incentives for scouts and explorers including favorable shares for discovering eviction targets
• Industry - Well developed home WH with infrastructure for industry
• New member support - Logistical support and onboarding for inbound new members along with a mentorship program

What we require:
We are willing to accept anyone who demonstrates sufficient skill and vigor as a player, however the following are general guidelines as to what are looking for most in new members:
• Preferably 5m+ SP & Omega
• Prior experience with PVP, exploration, and the mechanics of WH space
• Microphone and active voice participation, particularly during fleet ops
• Willingness to train into at least one of our standard doctrine ships
We ask the following of all new members:
• Maturity and respect for your fellow Voidlings and players
• Active participation in fleet ops and corporation business. It is not enough to log in once a month or to be a solo player just based out of our space!
• Comms participation during fleet operations

For recruitment, please join our recruitment discord channel or message one of our recruiters in game:
[US] Jack Gallofree
[EU] Jack Skian, Lord Omega

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