Anyone Alive?

I think i miss this game enough to get back into it. Who all is still playing that I actually know?

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Guess the best answer is just log in and see.

Anyway, welcome back.

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OP do you really think that the people you knew before, if they are still playing, will look at this post, in this particular forum section?
What about, as suggested, logging in, check your mails, the corps you know, send them mails or convo in game etc?


Checking in …you know what to do

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there is this:

Nash is still about, send the old codger a mail :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @Bane_Nucleus did you manage to find any of the oldbros? Is it time to wake the sleeper cell?

I’ve been starting to feel the itch…

I came back 4 days ago, after a 5 year break, to check things out. Ended up reactivating 3 accounts.

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I am back and playing again, in wormhole space of course. C2-C4 space seems really active, which makes me really happy!

As far as getting people back, I did manage to round up some old original TL and REPO guys.

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That name rings a bell from a CSM ballot

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